MCLowSlimMod v0.3 In The Wild

January 4, 2013

 In case you haven’t yet heard of MCLowSlimMod, it is essentially a lot like plenty of the other XMB designs out there. It works on top of your existing Rogero 4.30 installation to add just a little bit more to your CFW experience. For example, some of the underused SFO categories have been updated here to make sure that all of your content is put together in the correct manner. After all, any good hacker has any number of types of content pouring into their console and you have to have it all organized accordingly. You don’t want for example, your PSN titles to be thrown right in with your homebrew do you? MCLowSlimMod helps with these issues while giving you a pretty slick neon glowing look to your icons.

In addition to these basic features, you’ll also see that there is now an XMB loaded .pkg manager giving you quicker access to the tools required to get all of your favorite apps and games installed. If that’s not enough for you though, alphabetical order has also been added as an option for all of your content. When you have a lot of it, this can be a great way to keep your stuff from getting lost in the crowd. More or less, MCLowSlimMod v0.3 is a Rogero tool that just keeps getting better.


Tags: CFW, mclowslimmod, PS3 Hacks

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