Meet Oceanus: The First Showtime Skin

November 12, 2012

While there are still plenty of custom firmware users out there who are unable to use some of Sony’s official media apps, this little homebrew application certainly  makes up for all the struggle. Showtime offers its users the best audio visual experience that you can get on a modded system through links to some of the globe’s most popular internet streaming locales. Who needs Sony to tell you to use their version of Netflix when Showtime can more or less get the job done for you?

As if that’s not enough however, facanferff has returned with a GUI facelift that is sure to please many users of the program. Essentially what you are going to get here is a much clearer emphasis on thumbnails for your music and movies, but the good news  is there are now a whole bunch of different views that can be used to display them. If you’re not into the big graphical presentation, check out the more list like option that shrinks your cover art to display more items on screen. If that’s too small for you though, there’s also an option that is quite akin to the feel of the iTunes coverflow option. Essentially, this skin works to  give a fresh coat of paint to something that has been quite a mainstay for the scene for a while now. To check out a quick clip of it in action, this video should do the trick. Happy streaming, folks!


Tags: CFW, facanferff, homebrew, PS3 Hacks, Showtime

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