Meet Trolly Bird, the Flappy Bird clone on Vita

February 26, 2014


Do you remember Flappy Bird? It was big for about 2 weeks in January and then it disappeared almost as fast as it came, so people won’t blame you if you missed that. Flappy Bird was a controversial game, addictive yet clearly cheap in its programming and design.

Flappy Bird was also accused of plagiarism because its graphics were heavily inspired by the original Mario games, and, maybe more importantly, it was claimed that the game’s creator made $50’000 a day at its peak of popularity. But the author took the game down from the various appstore in order to get rid of the controversy around the game’s popularity vs its actual quality.

Of course, developers around the world did not miss the opportunity to create clones and potentially get a share of the cake. We’ve already seen a Flappy Bird clone from within Little Big Planet vita, and our community member artmaze7 has a tutorial here for those of you interested: Flappy Bird PS Vita Tutorial.

Just like memes, variations or re-creations of the game keep popping up regularly on the internet since the day it died. Another example is this version entirely recreated in minecraft.

Back to the Vita, today’s Playstation Mobile update brings us … Trolly Bird! The “inspiration” here is obvious, from the name to the graphics and the gameplay. For $1.99, you can relive the frustration of Flappy Bird, and the uncontrollable anger that will make you want to throw your device at a wall.


“Guide Trolly Bird through a maze of pipes in this highly addicting fun fast paced endless game” hmmm, didn’t I see that game before?

$1.99 seems a bit expensive for a clone of a “low quality” game. The name of the game itself is probably a strong hint that the author of Trolly Bird is, well … seeing this whole thing as a joke (can I make you pay $1.99 for a shitty game? Let’s give it a try!). But I’ll admit I wish I had thought of it first, because the author is probably going to make some quick and reasonably easy cash with this. With Flappy Bird out of the picture, it was obvious that clones would fill the void pretty quickly.


Can’t wait to live that frustration again!

As a matter of fact, all popular games got their own share of clones, but it is interesting that platforms like the Playstation Mobile program for the Vita lets clones easily monetize it. Flappy bird has been heavily criticized for plagiarizing Mario. What does that make of Flappy Bird clones?


Have you played Flappy Bird when it was available? Will you pay $1.99 for Trolly Bird?

Thanks to @edukarlo for the tip!

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