Merry Christmas! King of Pool got pulled from the PSN

December 25, 2013

After giving us more than 4 days of lead time, Sony finally decided it was time to end the fun, and removed the King Of Pool game from most of their locales today. King of Pool was the last of a series of exploitable games we announced, that let you run Total_Noob’s TN-V on your PS Vita running the latest firmware 3.01. In total, and depending on how closely you have been following this site, this gave members of our community almost 4 weeks to grab one of the 4 exploitable games: 101-in-1 megamix, Hitman Reborn 2, Ben 10 Alien Force, and King of Pool.

There might be other releases, but at this point I wouldn’t count on it. We expect Sony to patch most of these exploits, including Total_Noob’s Kernel exploit, with their next firmware update.

the TNV Loaders for all exploitable games can be downloaded here, where you’ll also find additional links to download all the necessary files to run TNV on your Vita running firmware 3.01 or below. Have fun playing homebrews and emulators on your Vita!

I can personally say that Total_Noob has saved my VitaTV from collecting dust, and I hope you are enjoying TN-V as well. If you are having trouble getting anything to work, be sure to ask for help on our forums.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Thanks to everyone who’s sent me that awesome picture. I am unable to find the artist who created it though, and can’t give proper credit. If you know who made this let me know.

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