Merry Christmas To All At PS3HaX

December 25, 2012

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you guys for all your hard work and it is very much a special Christmas with a community such as this in existence pumping away at the scene, constantly producing hard work and results for all of us to enjoy. I can truly say that this is not a world worth living without the video games in our lives and the ps3hax community truly makes it worth everything.

You people are the fruits of this worlds labor. Every day I think of the merical it took to manifest such a great being of conciseness such as the community that is ps3hax. Its as if the all giving light breathed in the direction of those who need. And in turn the ps3hax was born.

Christmas truly is great this year with you guys around. And I cannot thank all of you anof for all the things you have done.

On a different note I wish to return the favor. My work with pmw-nation the video game is almost done and within the month I hope to release a pre release trailer on YouTube with paragraphs of information for preparation of the release of the production for cfws 3.55 4.30 ect.

To also return the favor im working on another game and engine that ill release before pmw-nation the video game for ps3 cfw. This engine will run on hbl vhbl and ps3 cfws as a portable version of the pmw-nation video game engine, a lightweight engine for cfw ps3 yes but made for portable first person gaming.

In the end I cannot format in the English language the bliss and happiness that the ps23 hax and all of you bring me this early Christmas morning. I thank you. Jesus thanks you and huh lol I hope to return the fav. May all have a marry marry Christmas and I hope Santa brings you bunch of gifts and not coal or switches. keep up the great work. Ps3hax4life yours truly Snake I. Plissken PMWCC PMW-NATION

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