MFW Builder 0.2.3 Pre-Release Available

January 14, 2013

In case you haven’t heard of MFW Builder before, it is a GUI that essentially¬† gives you complete control over what you would like to see featured on your hacked console. Sure big releases from the folks over at Rogero and Rebug are nice, but if you’re the kind of person that likes a bit of control over their OS, then this program with a very specific sort of feature set is exactly what you need. Everything from menu categories to sound effects can be altered with this awesome PS3 tool.

The biggest addition to 0.2.3 specifically is the ability to write and create firmware that works in the 4.XX world. This includes new keys and tools to work with the very latest in cfw development. On top of this however, you can expect the same kind of attention to detail found in previous releases. The full chnagelog can be found over at my source, but there are options for merging categories, creating a homebrew category, and even inserting your own trophy sound effect should you choose to do so. All of the programs you need to make these changes are included within the GUI itself. The developer does note however, since this is a pre-release, you should have a hardware flasher on hand to thwart any possible bricks. If you’re not so brave though, a final version should be hitting servers soon. Welcome back cfwprophet!


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