Microsoft Announce Conference For May 21st ‘A New Generation Revealed’

April 25, 2013

The much speculated upon May 21st conference has rung true, as just a while ago Microsoft announced it on their official Xbox facebook page.

Now, this gives you no right to start up a console war in the comments below, because I’ll finish it right now;

‘PS4 wins’

There. Fanboy war over. :)

I have to admit. Although I am a certified PlaystationHead and I have owned every playstation console (excluding PSX and PocketStation) I am still excited for this conference, I am always glad to see what new consoles have to offer, especially ‘the big two’.

I will be frank, I have never got on with Xbox, but I’ll try to stay impartial. Here it goes.

Microsoft are always making new things, whether they are making jokes *cough*kinect*cough* (oops!) or making new phones they have always done it well, I have used a windows phone and they have a pretty nice UI. Windows 8 has received a lot of criticism but it is made for touch screens really, anyway, onto the Xbox!

I have always enjoyed gaming, and always will. I could probably get along with Xbox, it’s just the controller and the interface, controller feels foreign to me, and the interface is like a whole new world (I’m not saying the Xbox OS is any better, of course). I do follow both the Playstation and Xbox, although there isn’t much difference, you still get a good read sometimes. I think I could get along with Xbox if PS3 controllers were compatible….. And they changed the OS to XMB ;)

[Fanboy mode on]
At the moment Sony have impressed lots of people, including myself, obviously. But not only have they showcased what the console can do, they’ve snatched up a few more indie dev’s to work on the PS4, Primal Carnage: Genesis for example. Sony have announced some truly amazing features for it’s console, the new controller for starters, downloading while on standby, browse the store on your iOS/Android device and start downloading while away….
[Fanboy mode off]

I still can’t wait to see what Microsoft will bring to the table, like I said, any bit of new tech interests me! (Which is why I love kickstarter so much!)

The only thing that I could criticize though, is how open they are. With Sony, they simply put ‘#Playstation2013′ which has some mystery behind it, along with the slogan ‘See the Future’, Xbox however have taken the other route and said ‘Yeah, next xbox. Bye.’

Everyone loves something to speculate about, although we knew #Playstation2013 was the PS4, there was still a hint of mystery behind it. Which everyone enjoyed.

Contains naughty words! Watch at your own discretion!

Indie = Independent not owned by a big company like Sony.

Source and details: Xbox facebook

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