Microsoft offers $100 for your PS3 VS the snappy comeback of Sony folk

February 1, 2014

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It seems that on a worldwide scale PlayStation 4 is slowly becoming the dominant next gen console platform (even if it’s just slightly). Now this doesn’t spell doom for team Xbox One, both industry giants have sold a nice amount of systems since release which was barely two months ago. But off course Microsoft is looking to sway owners of the previous generation to buy into the Xbox One experience.

I am not one for or “fanboy flame wars”, mostly because more often than not they spiral out of control and turn into ugly name calling competitions. That’s not to say I don’t prefer some systems over others or that I don’t chuckle away when some of the game industry biggest companies goof it up. Being a smartass can backfire pretty quick especially when your biggest competitor has razor sharp comebacks (or their fanbase which seems be the case here)

If you look at it objectively it is hard not to be amused by how Microsoft and Sony duke it out in public. But at least for one minute let’s bury the hateful hatchet and have a laugh, this time at the expense of Microsoft and in my opinion the poor show of strategy with for their latest direct marketing campaign.

So what is the fuzz all about this time? Next Gen has been with us for couple two months now and both Microsoft and Sony are eager to welcome gamers who are looking to jump ship.  Well in an effort to “steal” some market-share away from PlayStation, Microsoft sent out  emails offering PlayStation 3 owners a trade; $100 in store credit to be used towards the purchase of an Xbox One.

Even if you don’t take the PlayStation (fan) response into consideration, this offer is a rather peculiar one by itself. It suggests that a PlayStation 3 is just worth €100 and I assume this offer is aimed at the crowd who are willing to sell their previous system for a next/gen purchase. The thing is you can easily sell your PS3 for more than $100 on sites like Ebay and Craigslist etc. Sure, the same can be said for used games or any second hand goods for that matter, and people still sell their old games to the Gamestops of this world. These stores that buy your used products often want a margin to make profit.

So while in itself this campaign doesn’t necessarily offer the max for your product this is hardly a unique, so why is it so bad?

Sony (fan) real talk

Microsoft actions and public communications especially since the Xbox One announcement has led to some well documented bad press and on many an internet forum baby trolls were born either defending the company’s actions or roasting them, this ultimately lead to the reversal of plans for Xbox One.

Beside that from my point of view the ad offers a “cat in the bag” Microsoft had to know this would provoke a reaction from Sony, or at least the PlayStation fanbase to who this campaign is targeted. Well I knew, my initial response when I saw the email offer was that it would surely lead to a flame war of sorts. The reaction is here and while there is no proof it is a fan reaction or on official one from Sony it showcases the same witty sense of humour Sony has given us in similar cases.

So did Microsoft’s marketing team behind this email campaign made a tactical mistake or are they happy with all the attention they can get. Let the hilarity ensue in the comments but like Microsoft and Sony stay classy guys (and girls before I start of a gender flame war). You can show your support by sharing through the usual social suspects; aka Google+ Twitter Facebook ect. Contact me directly on twitter @italkgame or leave a comment below.

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