Minimur, WTH Happened Last Week? E3 Special!

June 19, 2013

Well as we all know, it was E3 this week, and I had next to no sleep at all watching the PS conference which finished at 4, and then watched the IGN post show and ended falling into bed at 5, getting up for college at 7.

Anyway there’s been plenty of news! Like for PS4 you need PS Plus subscription to play online (I’m guessing you can still download games though), and how Xbox has had plenty of games announced!

It’ll go in this order:
PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and then Nintendo and I’ll quickly go over EA’s and Ubisoft’s. Okay? If you don’t like that order, just scroll up and down randomly until your happy with the order you got.

First of all, the news you care about. (Did you get the reference?)

PS Vita:

So we finally got some AAA announcements, from the makers of the infamous Telltale games, comes the extremely awesome The walking dead episodic games. You know what. I’ll just list the announcements.

The Walking Dead Season 1

& 400 Days DLC episode

Dead Nation

God Of War HD Collection

Invizimals: The Alliance

Dragon Crown

MotoGP 2013

Runner 2

1001 Spikes

Floating Cloud God Saves The Pilgrims In HD!


Lone Survivor


Note: Some of these games have already been announced, it is the first I’ve heard of them however. So I thought I’d share them with you….. And they were at E3. And kickbeat looks awesome!

Divekick also got a few new characters to the game, follow this link to see who they are, but here’s one of them anyway:

Derp :P

Tearaway and Killzone Mercenary got some new trailers as well, here they are:

Arkham Origins Blackgate also got a few new screenshots, and it seems to be a bit like the mobile version of Mirrors Edge.

At the conference, it was announced that 85 games will be released for the Vita. Although we know most will be indies that is still about 10 games per month!

To be honest, I just want to know about more AAA games to come to the Vita, system seller games.
But does this include the mandatory Remote-Play requirements?

Sony has announced ‘mega packs’ for the Vita, and there will be more than one. At the moment they have only announced 1 pack but for the moment they include a bundle of games, and 8GB memory card. There is no official price at the moment, but retailer Smyths have them listed at £30.

Their first bundle includes:

  • LittleBigPlanet Vita
  • WipEout 2048
  • MotorStorm RC
  • Little Deviants
  • Frobisher Says
  • Ecolibrium
  • Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters
  • Lemmings
  • Hungry Giraffe
  • The HD Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character

Being as the 8GB card alone is £30, its quite a bargain. If you total those games up from retail it equals out to £73 :o

So there you have it, 10 games and an 8GB memory card for £30. Not bad.

As always, if I’ve missed something supply a link and describe what it is in the comment box! ed. ‘Trailer for this game –’

Ps3 time now, and we didn’t get much, just some trailers and also a new console bundle; GTA V themed which includes a headset,and a 500GB console along with a 30 Day PS Plus Membership

Along with this, the ps3 got a full level gameplay for Beyond: Two Souls, here it is, and I totally nearly didn’t cry at it…..

Both videos are a bit naughty, watch at own discretion!

But…. but…. that little boy!

The Last Of Us also got a new trailer.

I haven’t watched it because I’m on a media blackout from it because I don’t want to know any more about it. At the moment, it’s in Chelmsford according to the tracking updates :mrgreen:

As I’ve said last week, a free to play Tekken game is now available to download, which was shown at the event.

I couldn’t remember much else, so please comment on what this small brain missed!

Onto the PS4 now, and the most memorable thing was that they showed the actual console. Along with a few new games, one such as Readyatdawns new game, The Order: 1886

First of all, the PS4 console, here it is in all if it’s beautiful glory:

It looks nice, but if you think about it, it looks a bit like the Xbox One, but with Italic on. I like the design though. Do you?

I will only touch upon some subjects being as wololo covered their press conference (with great detail, as always)

The Order 1886 seems to be a steam punk game, set in Victorian times. But technology is a bit advanced for that time, where they have radios and awesome guns. Here’s the trailer for it, and by golly its beautiful.

Quantic Dream, the infamous creators of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls made a tech demo of a floating head back in February, on Monday he finally got a body, and it was said that each character on the video had 1 million polygons each. Amazing.
Here’s the tech demo of the Dark Sorcerer:

Remember, it’s a tech demo. Not a game. David Cage confirmed this on a live stream after the conference.

So what’s next, plenty of new trailers for games, including the likes of Infamous Second Son gameplay, here’s a few videos that were shown at their conference of PS4 games.

Yep. That’s plenty to keep you happy.

The awesome man himself, Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that Knack, DRIVECLUB, and Killzone: Shadowfall are launch titles, where inFamous is a Q1 2014 release title.

Jack Tretton also cleared up the rumours about PS4 and used games, and Internet requirements. Saying that it supports used games, and that it can be played offline along with no 24 hour check-ins from the Internet. When I watched this I was laughing as it was a direct attack to Microsoft, being as it is an online device and does require 24 hour check-ins.

Here’s a recording of when he announced it:

Along with this, to rub the salt in further, they made a video on how to share games – here it is;

Some people may not be aware of this, but if you want to play online for now, you must have PS Plus now don’t get me wrong, I’ve always thought paying for online was bad, but being as its plus I’ve kind of sweetened up to the idea. I’ve never had PS Plus, apart from the time it crashed for a month, and it was pretty cool. Burnout Paradise is a great game. Servers cost a lot to run after all, right?

He confirmed that on launch, plus will provide PS4 with Drive Club PS Plus edition, which is a limited version of the game. But who’s complaining, a free game(ish), right?

Oh, and your current subscription will carry over, got PS Plus on your PS3/ Vita? Well now you have it on PS4.

However, there it is still noted that if one of many accounts on your PS4 console has PS Plus, then all accounts will be able to access multiplayer.

Oh, they announced a price point for it. And it costs $400, £349 and 400 EURO

Xbox One, eh?

Like I reported on a month ago, they said there conference will be all about the games. It sure was. Tons of exclusives, and also their opening game isn’t probably what you’re expecting……

So let be show you the setting, it hasn’t started yet, everyone is still sitting on their seat waiting for it to start… and then:

Are you surprised as I am?

Since the conference, there was a flurry of game trailers, most of which can be viewed on my previous blog post, here.

But here’s the best ones of the conference for your pleasure:

Well anyway, I found an interview with major nelson about the One, the only, Xbox One of course. Here it is:

So you can connect your 360 to your One? How does that work?

Funny thing is, he didn’t say. In a dream world, it would enable backwards compatibility in some way, but being as Don Matrick has said ‘if you’re backwards compatible, yours backwards’ I don’t think that’s happening.

Also in the interview he spoke about the ‘family plan’ and it seems pretty cool. It is where you can connect to 10 other people, an share your games with them. However (again with the howevers…) Major said ‘think of it as a library’

This means only 1 person can play it at one given time, although this is great, it doesn’t allow you to play killer instinct against your buddy. That would be good, but sales would drop massively.

When Don Matrick was questioned about the Xbox One’s 24-hour check-ins, he replied with ‘Stick with your 360′

………. Or get a PS4.

The Witcher 3;
A game that was at the Xbox event. However, after learning about the DRM, CD Projekt Red team are in a bit I a kerfuffle regarding the release of it. They have always made it known that they are against DRM, but although upset by the restrictions, he has still decided to publish it on the console due to their fans wanting it. In an interview with Eurogamer, he said;

We couldn’t simply not release The Witcher 3 on Xbox One. We want to make sure that every single player will have access to our game and thus decided to deliver for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Every single player eh? No release for 360/PS3 now is there?

He also went on to say:

There are people who don’t mind the DRM protection and will pick Xbox One as their platform of choice. We can’t punish them. Again, we always stress the fact that we’re against DRM, but in the market system it’s the clients who make the final decision. As developers, we need to create the best content we can and make it available for as many players as possible.

In my opinion, I’d love it if they actually pulled the game from the Xbox One. Just to see what the backlash of it would be.

Talking of which…

This is also the same with popular PC game DayZ. It will be getting a PS4 release but not an Xbox One.

So is all this 24 hour check-ins a good thing?

When a console is missing out on games, no. No it isn’t.

Nintendo’s go now, they had plenty of exclusives on their show. Including the likes of Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8, and an unnamed game, which looks friggin awesome!

So I’ll start off with just a fluster of trailers, starting with Bayoneta 2, and it looks just as amazing as its Mummy.

And the mysterious game that doesn’t have a title, it looks amazing and although I don’t really want a Wii U, it kind of makes me want to get one. Take a look at this;

If you can’t see it, it seems a little  bit like Final Fantasy, mixed with giant Mech suits. How can you lose?

Oh, and it has a great soundtrack to it.

There’s most of the Wii U games they announced, view their youtube channel for more trailers

That enough?
Okay, just a few more…

It’s time to put a bit of attention on the 3DS now, so here’s a few trailers for games that are coming to the console:

Zelda, Zelda, Mario, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi.

The Ubi conference had some interesting games, as did EA’s. But something truly unique came from Ubisofts conference, called The Division – It is a post-apocalyptic game, where you team up with a few buddies and go about salvaging across the city. It even makes use of the DualShock 4′s light bar – turning it yellow/orange which seems to be the games ‘theme colour’

Ubisoft’s conference gave me a laugh, it was my second favourite conference there. Some of the trailers, for example these two:

I’m positive it’s the same voice as Captain Quark, right?

These were to 2 best bits about the conference, I would probably forget about this if it didn’t make me laugh, I loved it.

But of course, it doesn’t need to be said, the infamous Watch_Dogs and also Assassins Creed was there, along with….. Just Dance 2014!

When I saw this, I began to dread the future,thinking there’s going to be embarrassing live demos. But no. *phew*

Here’s the announcement trailer for it:

What wasn’t on show on the conference, was the multiplayer for Assassins Creed:

Now, its a video from the E3 show floor; which means it is a bit noisy. :(


Yet another game, and it is a driving game. It is called ‘The crew’ and has some interesting mechanics behind it. It is an online free roam game and it is beautiful.

The trailer for it is here, but you’d much more prefer gameplay? I know I would anyway. Here it is.


The company showed what you’d expect, and also…. something you may not.

I summed up their conference here, but I’ll just post a few videos here anyway.

If you fancy watching all 91 E3 trailers, an IGN blogger was kind enough to fetch them all and put them in 1 place. Follow this link

My excuse for being VERY late this week:

Saturday; Work

Sunday; 9AM – 11PM work

Monday; Assignments :(

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