Minimur, WTH Happened This & Last Week? FF X|X-2 Possible Release Date, Uncharted PS4, And GTA V Map!

September 16, 2013

Hey! This week we’ve got news on the impending release on GTA V, a possible release date for FF X|X-2 HD remasters, Arabic has finally been confirmed for PS4, and a few pics have been put online comparing GTA V’s map to the previous games. And boy it’s big!

Gotcha – Vita news first.


Lemmings Touch
Danganronpa:Another Episode
Soul Sacrifice Delta
Phantasy Star Nova
Natural Doctrine
Yakuza Restoration
Samurai Warriors 4
El Chavo Kart

Remember folks, some of these may never make its way across to the west.

To add to that lorry load of games, there could be a PS Vita inFAMOUS in the works. Infamous: Second Son game director Nate Fox accidentally revealed it in an interview. Give it a listen here:

For those who are unable to watch the interview, here’s the quote of interest:

Question: Any Vita links planned?

Nate Fox: Right now, we’re only talking about the PS4 game…. I would love to talk to you about any Vita related title..errr…. when the time comes.

Coincidently, straight after this you hear a PR person that asks everyone to finish up in 5 minutes.

You know you’ve messed up when….

Awhhh crud.

I was planning on doing a TGS special but I couldn’t find enough news for it this week, unfortunately, but here’s a video of a re-cap of all of what happened at Sony’s TGS conference this year, by PS Access:

The infamous, unknown release date for FF X|X-2 HD re-master may have finally been revealed. It is expected for a late 2013 release, as mentioned on their website:

Title: FINAL FANTASY X|X-2 HD Remaster
Platforms: PlayStation®3, PlayStation®Vita
Genre: RPG (Role Playing Game)
Release Date: 2013

But an EB games banner in New Zealand seems to have a release date posted on it, here’s a section of the banner:

As the author of the article mentions, this information is a bit more solid than something that could be leaked as a rumour that was heard from someones uncles cousins best friends who has a contact at Square Enix.

Also to mention the release date has been mentioned on multiple websites, like – who has listed it for 16th October.

Although oddly enough, UK retailer Zavvi has listed the release date for 31st March 2014

Store Updates:


PS3 games

Hunter’s Trophy 2 – Australia Unlock
Price: £7.99/€9.99
PEGI: 16
Availability: Not available in New Zealand, Russia, South Africa

NHL 14 (available from 13th September. Trial also available)
Price: £55.99/€69.99
PEGI: 12
Availability: Not available in Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, India, Israel, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Portgal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine

Puppeteer (available from 13th September for UK/IRE)
Price: £24.99/€39.99
PEGI: 12

Street Fighter x Tekken
Price: £15.99/€19.99
PEGI: 12

Price: £7.29/€8.99
PEGI: 12

PS3 demos (Free)

Store update 4.9.13
Diablo III
PEGI: 16
Availability: All (only for PS Plus in Germany)


PES 2014

PS Vita games

Aabs Animals
Price: £3.99/€4.99
Availability: Not available in Australia, New Zealand

Price: £7.29/€8.99
PEGI: 12

Rayman Legends
Price: £29.99/€34.99

Price: £3.99/€4.99

PlayStation Mobile

Alien Domination
Price: £4.79/€5.99

Alien Mission
Price: £5.19/€6.49

Alligator of the Caribbean
Price: £4.79/€5.99

Price: £5.19/€6.49

Apocalypse Revelations
Price: £4.79/€5.99

Athenian Warrior
Price: £4.79/€5.99

Attack of the Black Widow
Price: £4.79/€5.99

Hills of Glory: WWII
Price: £1.59/€1.99

PS One games

Metal Gear Solid Special Missions
Price: £6.49/€7.99
PEGI: 16
Availability: All

Metal Gear Solid Bundle (MGS + Special Missions)
Price: £12.99/€16.99
PEGI: 16


PS3 Games

Puppeteer ($39.99)
NHL 14 ($59.99)
NHL 14

PSN Game

Dragon Fantasy Book II ($14.99, or $11.99 for PS Plus)
Dragon Fantasy
Sanctum 2 ($14.99)
Sanctum 2

PS Vita

Dragon Fantasy Book II ($14.99, or $11.99 for PS Plus)
Dragon Fantasy

Fresh of the news of a new Vita, obviously comes comparisons – A few photos have been uploaded recently and also a new 5 minute long comparison video of the 2 vita models next to each other playing the game Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

Pop quiz:

What’s the difference between OLED and AMOLED?

Company Valve seem to has picked up on Xbox’s dead feature known as family sharing, and adopted it as their own. As they have now announced the exact same thing. ‘Steam Family Sharing’ consists of you lending your games digitally to other family members/friends and can be done so to up to 10 people. The program is soon to be open as a beta, and if you are interested in participating in the beta join this group and you may be the lucky one chosen!

The German division of Gamestop has listed an Uncharted in the PS4 category – Now I highly doubt that we would find out about a new Uncharted game through this, and not through their usual habit of the VGA’s (Video Game Awards) but who knows.

Do you want another Uncharted? Or do you want Naught Dog to continue with their tradition and start a new IP for this generation?

More about PS4, after much complaint about it not supporting the Arabic language, and they have finally decided to implement the language into the console, from constant pestering through twitter with the hashtag ‘#we_want_arabic_on_PS4′ although not being able to confirm the language for launch. Support will most likely be added in the future via a software update.

Here are the tweets from Playstation Middle East confirming support for Arabic:

Shall we talk about GTA V? You know… one of the biggest games of the year?

Our beloved website reddit showed me some comparison images of the in-game map comparing it to the previous games GTA IV, now if you don’t want to see the in game map close your eyes and  scroll down for a bit.


Now, I could report on GTA V leaks like other websites, but that would mean I’d have to look at them and ruin it for myself – and lots of other people, so I wont.

Here’s a flurry of trailers I cobbled together from the TGS Sony conference, they include Deep Down, Yakuza Ishin, and more from the TGS conference:

Hideo Kojima’s new project, The Phantom Pain – seems to be in a bit of trouble, well, he’s in trouble anyway. He planned to do a live gameplay demo during a stage event, but it turns out the enemy is too unpredictable to plan a presentation over, this may be bad for him, but great for us!

He posted these tweets:


If you’re going to see the demo at the stage event, I may have to stop [before the end of the presentation] because of mistakes. 


Oh my, the demo for the stage event is 100% more difficult. The behavior of the enemy is different every time, I can’t help it because I cannot predict it. I found out while playing that it’s not possible to pre-plan the presentation. If it was our own booth, extending the time would be possible on a case-by-case basis, but this time it’s not.

Weekly blog round-up

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Sony’s 2 hour SCEJA press conference in one short read  italkgames love for photos clearly shows in this article, if you missed the TGS show and want to know what happened, give this a read.*

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*Just messing italkgame ;)

 Reddit Time:

As you’ve probably guessed, there’s a few pictures GTA related, being as the whole of the internet is excited for the game, here they are:

Do you understand this?

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