Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? DS4 Problems, Games with Gold coming to Xbox One, And Fallout 4?

November 19, 2013

So as the title suggests, Xbox’s response to PS Plus – games with gold is on its way to Xbox One, other news includes the best video that is currently out there for PS4 (its a bit naughty) and also as always, reddit time is awesome!

You know what, I’ll mix it up a bit. Vita news isn’t going to be first this week. Muahahaha.

First news this week is how a while ago an article surfaced on how Ps4 is being manufactured by Foxconn and they aren’t treating the interns too well. Well I guess this backfired and an topic on a forum surfaced recently at how this guy had sabotaged the PS4 purposely. Photos were found of one PS4 owners hard drive wasn’t slotted in all the way and the screw was missing, others and what about that HDMI problem? Could this be the caused by one of the interns working at Foxconn?
But let’s not blame these guys for everything, we all know that not all console launches are perfect,  high price point and not many games like the ps3, RROD like the Xbox 360, and others. Well apart from Nintendo, they seem to always do good.

Now we can get onto vita news, let’s first talk about the new games announced for it:

The Rayman: Legends for vita shipped with around 30 missing levels, well it’s been announced that those levels will be available for free on 26th of November for you to download for free, along with the addition of leaderboards.

Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty has announced on PS Blog that it will be released in Spring 2014 for PS Vita, PS3 and PS4

I couldn’t find much else, unfortunately. If I’ve missed anything, feel free to point it out!


More news was how Microsoft congratulated Sony on their next gen launch and tweeted this photo:

This is pretty cool for Microsoft to do this, I’ve even gained some respect for them. :)

More Microsoft news for this week includes the likes of how through a tweet, and only a tweet, Major Nelson confirmed that the games with gold programming will be coming to Xbox one…. In 2014. Here’s the tweet:

I wonder what the first game is going to be, being as its not just a set rental service like PSN, you actually keep the game. My guess is that it will either be either one of their launch exclusives, and along with an indie game, and games will probably come at a rate of 1 per month, unlike the 2 per month that it offered on Xbox 360. Not to downplay it or anything, but that’s just my guess.

A man who is lucky enough to be the 1 of 1 million PS4 owners showcased the Vita remote play feature… over 3G WiFi hotspot on his phone. And it turns out surprisingly well, here’s the video for it:

Man I’m so jealous!

Also it has been recently confirmed that Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag for PS4 will have a day one update which makes it a beautiful 1080p, but its making me wonder, with all these ‘day one updates’ for AC, CoD, making it 1080p, with people saying Native is better than upscaled(which it is) how do we know these updates aren’t making it 1080p through upscaling? And not actual native 1080p, or is that just my tech-head being on the wrong way round, and a game can actually be updated to make it native 1080p?
And just a bit of trivia for you guys, the game was developed on PC and then ported over, I remember watching an interview with Ashraf Ismail, game director and he mentioned that they were ‘working on PC’s. ‘

Good news Fallout fans! Fallout 4 has been trademarked, and along with this a teaser website was uploaded called it features a simple countdown and this a logo, with repeated morse code in the background:

A redditor went about de-coding the morse code, and came up with the date of 12/11/13.

But remember guys, just like the half life 3 trademark a while ago, this could be fake. First of all it’s domain name is registered under godaddy, a top game developers choice for a teaser site, right?

In any case, don’t get your hopes too high as it may just be fake.

Next, on to Dualshock 4 problems I mentioned in the title, it seems that the analogue sticks have been wearing out very fast, right down to the supporting plastic. Here’s what has happened:

Hopefully this, like the damaged PS4′s are just isolated cases and not for the every DS4 out there, for those who have a PS4, what are the analogue sticks like? are they susceptible to wearing away, or are they the unlucky souls who got the bad batch of rubber?

There’s a few more photos of the same problem if you follow this link. Hopefully this won’t be a porblem for me though, I’m not the sort of guy that digs my nails and knaws on the analogue sticks.

Weekly blog round-up

Reddit time!

Boy have I got a treat for you guys! I’ll get straight to it:

While reading through reddit I found this photo titled ‘Why E3 presentations are pointless’

Here are the comments for this reddit thread:

Man, I’m immature.

Let’s move on, this is the most powerful PC ever known to mankind, like literally. Known as the ‘Large Pixel Collider’

Sorry its late, I’ve been sidetracked and just didn’t get fully round to it.  :(

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