Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? First MGSV Review & Conversations With Creators Dev Dairy, And Batman: Arkham Knight New Screenshots!

March 18, 2014

Hey! It was my birthday last weekend, and to celebrate, I’m going to write this blog… Yay.

Let’s have a look as to what Vita games were announced this week:


Final Horizon (PS4 Also)

This seems to be all I can find at the moment, as always if I’ve missed something, shove it in the box down there and provide a source. Thanks!

Let’s talk about Batman: Arkham Knight, there’s been a few more screenshots released. and being as this game is next-gen only, they’re obviously looking awesome. Heres a few of them:

There’s a lot more photos on this webpage, take a look, they’re bloody gorgeous.

I haven’t really fully played any ofthe Arkham games, and have refused to play Arkham Origins based on the fact that the developers are more willing to work on DLC than fix a game-breaking glitch. It’s a good game? Ah well, I’ll only be playing this if I get it for free from PS Plus.

Next up we’ve got the review score from a  French website and a ‘Conversations with Creators’ video from playstation.

Believe it or not, the website gives it a rating of 4/10, and mainly complains about the value, calling out how the game lasts a few hours long yet they paid 30EUR for it.

Here are the pros/cons of what the reviewer felt for the game, very poorly translated by google:

‘David Hayter we lack’

For those that want to read the full review, the english translated version is hee:…

and the original french version, here:
Anyway, let’s try to sell the game to you now, after I’ve just told you it’s got a 4/10.

Here’s Kojima and friends bragging about the PS4 and the game they’ve just made:

Next up, yet again, we’ve got some news on inFamous again, this comes in the form of an ‘all questions answered’ and a new gameplay video, of course the full Q&A is up on the blog here if you want to read it, along with a few videos.  I’ve simply picked out the questions that are really worth seeing.

How destructible is the city? (T1000peX)

Brian Fleming: The most important stuff that you’ll be destroying is the infrastructure that the DUP is putting into the city. You’ve seen some of this in the demos we’ve done. This stuff was designed to break in the most spectacular way we could manage. It’s all simulated, multi-stage breakables — so if you blow up one corner of something, the whole thing topples over and smashes to the ground. That’s been a lot of fun to work on.

Do I need to play inFAMOUS 1 and 2 to entirely understand the story? (‏@MHND95)

Brian Fleming: Second Son takes place seven years after the events of the first two games, so in a lot of ways there’s enough time separation that the game very much stands on its own. If you know a lot of detail about what happened in previous games that might add some richness for you, but from a plot standpoint, it’s absolutely not required.

How many powers does Delsin Rowe have? (Frederik Strange Dybsø)

Brian Fleming: To avoid spoiling the game, we’ve really only talked about Smoke and Neon powers, and we’re keeping that stance until the game launches.

One of the things we haven’t talked about is how many powers are in each set, and how many upgrades are available. Without putting specific numbers on it, there’s a substantial number of individual powers in each set, and many — if not all of them — are upgradeable.

Do good and bad decisions affect the story a lot more than in previous titles? (@GTAVFAN13)

Brian Fleming: The most interesting thing about inFAMOUS Second Son is that you’ll be making decisions about the trajectories of some of the other characters, which is a different take on it. But ultimately, the most important changes aren’t narrative ones. There’ve been systems added to really foster different play styles, and that’s the thing that’s going to be the most enjoyable aspect of your second playthrough.

Will inFAMOUS use the light bar function? (@MHND95)

Brian Fleming: We’re huge fans of DualShock 4. The touch pad, the light bar — we take advantage of all those things in various ways. Some of them are surprising, some of them simple. You drain power by touching the touch pad, for example.
But the biggest things that we’re excited about regarding DualShock 4 are the improvements made in the tension on the sticks, and the shape of the sticks themselves, all of which make for better control. Not just for inFAMOUS, but every PlayStation game is going to benefit from the smaller dead zones, the improved triggers — all of that closed the distance between the player and the game.

Will there be online multiplayer? (Bjarke Bjerregaard)

Brian Fleming: No, it’s a single-player experience, but of course you can share it with others using the fantastic Share button on DualShock 4.

Nice save….

How big will the install be? (Michael Briggs)

Brian Fleming: 24 GB.

So, everything above there in a couple of sentences?

City is destructible, there’s no need to play the previous games, but there’ll be fanservice, they’re not saying how many powers you have, you’ll look, and have different powers if you are good/evil touchpad is used to drain powers, no multiplayer and install size is 24GB


Also, for a gallery of 17 new spoiler free screenshots, here’s a webpage to visit:

It seems that amazon are going to join the android console market also.

Anyway, Engadget came across a few photos of the possible controller for their upcoming console:

For a few more photos, click here:!fullscreen&slide=2485658

I’m pretty sure the controllers counterpart is meant more for films/videos, with Amazons Instant Video service and LoveFilm, which shows being as there’s a play/pause FF/RR button on the controller itself. There’s a funny looking buttong on there just below the home icon, and engadget found out that the button could be for Amazon Game Circle as the button and that logo looks pretty similar.

I can only presume the LED strips at the front show battery level/player number?

What do you guys think about the controller? It does seem to resemble a Xbox controller, that’s for sure. But how many different designs are there for a controller, anyway, I have a feeling inside that this will simply flop.

On my article about my PlayStation headset review/unboxing, commenter LoliX asked

Is there a way to get the 7.1 on PC with cable or usb-bluetooth connection? I’d like to use the 7.1 not only on the ps4….


As far as I’m aware, after playing a game with them wirelessly, yes, the 7.1 VSS does work on them on the PC :)

So there you go LoliX, it does.

The reason I put this on here and didn’t comment back on my article, is because it was 3 days old and LoliX, or anyone else wanting to know the answer to this question probably wouldn’t check it.

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