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September 23, 2013

Hey guys, turns out there’s a Gravity Rush sequel! There’s been some new videos regarding the new Metal Gear Solid direct feed videos from TGS, also, we get some beautiful new Deep Down screenshots along with GREAT news that it’s Free to Play, and Reddit Time is Awesome!Vita announcements first, taken straight from our /talk forums, this topic here is what you need to view if you can’t wait for the weekly roundup (or I miss the deadline) that is the topic to view if you need the latest fix of games.

I’m pretty happy about the Gravity Rush sequel, pretty unique game, it’s not much of an update however :(

Well, well, well, it seems we finally have an official launch window for Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD game coming to PS3, PS Vita. And it is being released… this winter. 

The announcement was posted on the US blog only, which leads me to believe it’ll be a bit different in the EU, maybe by a few months, which is a bit annoying.

Along with the blog post came a new trailer, straight from TGS here it is:

A Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII trailer was also released at TGS recently, here it is:

If you want to digest and consume the article yourself, attack this link here:

Let’s delve into some PS4 news, there’s been an AMA on a Norwegian website, and Yoshi once again, has taken to twitter (but he didn’t troll this time, he instead answered them properly).

The AMA was with Jim Ryan, the guy we saw on stage at Gamescom. Being as he is SCEE CEO – he spoke about what next-gen console is better, why they adopted the reason to choose pay for online rather than keep it free, a main benefit (and console argument) for gamers at the moment.

Who is best Xbox one or PS4? -Htc

Hi Htc. PS4. Thanks, Jim

No messing here

He then answers a question regarding why they chose to adopt the subscription model, here’s what he’s got to say:

Why do we have to pay for a subscription to play online.

Hi Johan, the answer is yes, if you want to play online multiplayer, that you will need a subscription to PlayStation Plus. We are making huge investments to improve the quality of the PSN, and also wanted to be sure that consumers can buy the console for E399, so we felt that recovering the cost of these investments by including online multiplayer within PS Plus with its fantastic value Instant Game Collection (which will include PS4 as well as PS3 and PS Vita games) was the fairest way to achieve this. Important to clarify that online multiplayer remains free on PS3 and PS Vita. Thanks, Jim

The next question regards how long it will take developers to harness the full power of the PS4, he says how because of the developer friendly architecture, it will take a lot less time to do so, Mark Cerny mentioned the ‘time to triangle’ (time to get a game up and running) is 6-12 months on PS3, where it is an astonishing 1-2 months. It took the Warframe team 3 months to get the whole game up and running on the PS4.

Hello, how long will it take for the developers to fully harness the power of the PS4? Is it going to be the same as it was with the PS3? A couple of years pass, and by the end of its lifespan we’ll see PS4s answer to games like The Last of Us? I’m asking this, because I want to know if a PS4 is worth my money at its release date.

Hi Kevin, it’s a good question. You are right that developers usually take a couple of years to optimise their performance on new gen consoles, but one point I want to make is that the highly developer-friendly PS4 system architecture means that the PS4 launch titles are actually showing a step change compared to PS3 that we haven’t seen in previous generations. So I’d say get yourself off to a store on November 29th and buy one! All the best, Jim

Next question now, it seems that the PS4 supports that 4 accounts can be signed in to the console, so multiplayer games can be played under your own account, rather than, say, ‘Minimur12(1)’.

Since the reveal of the PS4 I have been wondering if it will be able to have two or more profiles logged in at the same time like the Xbox 360 is. We really want to play on a Playstation, but have felt that we had to prioritise the 360 this generation because of this feature. I hope it is not the case this time around.[…]

Good morning Iselin, really glad to hear that you are looking forward to our launch. I have some good news for you – up to four profiles can be signed in on one console on PS4. Thanks for your question, Jim

Here’s the rest of the questions that Jim Ryan answered:

What do you think about the competition against Microsoft? And how are your plans to make xbox fans join the playstation?

Hi Adrian – of course the first thing to say is that PS4 will be the only next-gen console available in Norway before Christmas this year. We want to appeal to everybody and by designing the console with the gamer’s interests at the very top of our minds, we think that we have a great chance of achieving this. It obviously comes down to the games available as well, and with all of our Worldwide Studios hard at work on PS4 games, we will have a huge amount to offer. Thanks Jim

Will the PS3 be forgotten after the new gen is released? What are the plans for the current console owners who refuse to give up their PS3?
Morning Reacher. We never forget current gen when next gen launches and PS3 will be no different. Witness the fact that we brought brilliant new IP to the console this year in The Last of Us, and Beyond: two Souls, not to mention the small matter of GT6 coming in December. Enjoy! Thanks Jim

Any chance we can get another Jumping Flash? :)

Jostein what a brilliant question. There can only ever be one Jumping Flash (it was the first game that I played when I took my original PlayStation home). However, a lot of the great Indy stuff that we have people working on evokes the spirit of that classic and I can tell that you will love some of these games. All the best, Jim

Next on to Yoshida’s ‘unofficial customer service’ – He answered questions regarding doubts about the game upgrade requirements, HDMi capture and more:

One second…..

Hello there italkgame! :D Another answered question provides more information on the upgrade deal that Sony are doing, buy a PS3 game, get the Ps4 version at around £10. So you’ll need the PS3 disc in the PS4 for the digital ps4 version to work, PS Access describe it very well here:

I guess they only just decided to support HDMi capture, so it’ll be implemented in a future OFW update.

And finally some awesome news, the download speeds will be a lot better with the PS4, but I don’t quite understand this – being a non tech-head, can someone please explain, wont the store be under the same server which means same download speed? What have I got wrong?

While on the news of PS4, lets delve deep down into.. hehe… Deep Down. It was recently announced at TGS that the game will adopt the F2P model, it’s maps are procedurally generated, and oddly enough it is set in the future… in New (new new) York. There was a trailer and some beautiful new screenshots released, here they are:

Dat particle FX….

Dat weaponry…..

Those monsters…..

Now let’s move on to my favourite developer as you probably know – it’s not like I talk about them much. Christophe Balestra, CEO of the company tweeted an interesting photo:

Wondering what they are? Here’s the tweet that accompanied the photo:

Keyword: ‘More’

That means they already have some dev kits :D

Shall we talk about the crazy Kojimas new project? Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

There has been some new direct-feed gameplay from the both PS4, and Xbox One consoles. Same mission, just different next-gen consoles.

The PS4 version is during the day, and might I say looks amazing:

Here’s the Xbox One version:

Bear in mind that this game was built on current gen consoles, and these copies are probably early builds of the game ported to next-gen consoles. So texture popping, and lagging is a given.

Weekly blog round-up

FW 2.60s Exploit games are back at the PSN!  – The Z now has a blogging account! He tells us all how a few of the VHBL exploit games are now back on the PSN store.

PS Vita PCH-1000 vs PCH-2000: Screen Comparison – Rashidsonic copies my article because he couldn’t think of anything*

NTT Docomo’s take on Google Glass: Intelligent glasses – An interesting read, Wololo tells us all about NTT Docomo’s own wearable technology.

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida flings Knack off phone during TGS 2013 keynote – italkgame informs us about the TGS keynote that I missed, thanks!

TGS 2013: Deep Down showcases next-gen gameplay and remote play – Deep Down is shown off alongside Metal Gear Solid and it’s being played via remote play on the Vita!

 * You’re the chosen one this week, Rashid

Reddit Time

Now I said Reddit Time will be awesome – and it is. A post was put on there of a band that created a song regarding Mario and his failed attempts at rescuing the princess.

Here’s the next thing, it is a GTA: San Andreas gif where you first meet Big Smoke… or the ‘Heavy’ from Team Fortress 2.

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