Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? Left 4 Dead 3, Xbox One Un-boxing and TWD: 400 Days Comp Winner!

August 13, 2013

This week, as always, there’s plenty to read. These include news like the 12GB PS3 SKU is finally coming to USA/Canada, an Xbox One unboxing by yours truly, Major Nelson, and yes, it does include a headset. Oh, and Valve CAN count to 3!

I hear ya, Vita first.

This week I managed to come across:
Infinite Stratos 2

I know The Z already knows about VVVVVV however, as he commented on the ‘announcement’  ;)  .

Not as much as I was hoping for, but it is still good that more games are being announced for the Vita every week. Since starting this weekly round up I don’t believe I’ve had a week with no game announcements at all.

If I’ve missed any game announcements, be sure to check this topic every now and then, as it is regularly updated.

There’s been a plentiful of FFX|X-2 HD screenshots released, and to be honest, haven’t they released a bit too many? A commenter on the N4G article I read from said:

GreenRanger+   5h ago |

If they show any more screenshots, I’ll be able to make an animated GIF out of them and watch the entire game.

Release the game, ffs!

So true.
Here are a few of the best screenshots:

The rest of the 37 screens can be found here:

Shuhei Yoshida took to twitter again to answer the peoples questions, some got answers an others he just trolled, the answers include the likes of if you are going to get a sticker with your console, do a PS4 unboxing like Iwata and Major Nelson has, and also if an Ethernet cable comes with the console.
To be honest I don’t think he actually answered any of the questions truthfully, yet only replied to the most wanted questions in a trolling fashion.

Yoshida was asked whether the PS4 will include a sticker with it, to which he replied:

I’ll get on to why that was asked in a bit. He also answers whether you’ll get any day one perks of you buy the console, he simply trolls the world by saying ‘bragging rights’. Here’s the tweet:

He also replied to a tweet asking if we are able to change our PSN name, to which he replied:

Oh Yoshida, you troll. A user asked whether there will be a PS4 exclusive shown at Gamescom, to which Yoshida replied:

I don’t believe him 1 bit :D

He was also asked if you were able to play multiplayer with ps3/4 games in the same lobby, and it seems that it is up to the developer to decide whether this is possible:

Among other questions asked and answered, a question was posed to him if the PS4 will come with an Ethernet cable like the original 60GB ps3, I believe, and it doesn’t. But nobody will use it, will they? I certainly won’t, I’m more likely to use it for my computer, it’s closer to my router after all, with no need for drilling through the ceiling.

Fun question: How do you pronounce ‘router’ I pronounce it ‘rooter’ I know some people pronounce it like ‘rowter’

He also ‘answered’ a question as to if he’ll do a PS4 unboxing like Iwata done with the Wii U, and Major Nelson did with Xbox One, he replied with how he wanted consumers to experience it themselves, although I would like one. Good old Shu! Or Yoshi, not sure what I should call him.

While watching the Wii U unboxing, Iwata made me laugh by putting on white gloves and saying ‘these white gloves make me feel a bit like Mario’. Legend.

For more of the questions he answered, head here:

Speaking of unboxing, as I said Major Nelson did one for the Xbox One and if this is new to you it was because the video was released only a couple of days ago. And yes, it’s another 180 by Microsoft. It includes a headset. And I think it was extremely out of order for them to put pre-orders up on their website without telling anyone before hand. Anyway, it isn’t the same headset.
This looks a little bit cheaper bit still looks pretty cool. Since they announced no headset they’ve protected themselves by saying ‘Kinect will do the job’ however that headset looks like it was designed well, so they had this planned from quite some time back. It would’ve had to be designed, components inside decided, prototypes, technology put inside to make it better which apparently it has been optimised for clearer chat and the rest. So yeah, they were lying from the start about no headset. Nice one Microsoft.

Here’s the unboxing video:

Don’t you think Major sounds like a tv salesman? It looks pretty well packaged to be honest, I like the design of the box…. more than the design of the console itself, actually.

So it seems that Valve can actually count to 3, and it’s been leaked that they’re working on the game Left 4 Dead 3, and using their in-house Source engine, but a new version aptly named ‘Source 2′. Here are the leaked photos:

Let’s look a little bit closer…

Click on the image to see an enlarged version.

The photos were taken during an office tour, and I don’t think they will be doing a tour again anytime soon.

Well done Valve, 3 is the number.

After years of the unit not being available in US, it has been announced that the 12GB PS3 model is finally coming to USA and Canada. I have this model as my 40GB 6 year old model YLoDed on Christmas morning, which sucked. So we went for the cheaper option of 12GB model and inserted the old HDD in the console. Which is 320GB as the 40GB HDD had corrupted. Anyway enough of my story, the console will retail for $200, and I suggest you buy a new HDD for the console. But beware, it doesn’t come with an HDD caddy! Message me if you want to know how to put an HDD in without a caddy, as it’s a lengthy(ish) process.

The photo was sent to PSLS by one of their readers named Jim.

Thanks Jim! ( And PSLS)

Deep Silver, the developers of Saints Row 4, have announced a super special version of the game. Named the ‘Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition’ It costs $1,000,000. Why, I hear you ask?

Why not?

The purchase nets you a bounty of things, and it should do too!

Woo…. a Toyota Prius.


There’s been more details regarding GTA V which were published in the official Playstation Brazillian magazine, they told us multiple things:

1. Franklin missions will be Wars Gangs and racing.
2. The heists are not part of the core gameplay story.
3. There will be DLC to buy, but Rockstar did not say when.
4. For the first time in the series there is Bus routes.
5. All “powers” from the characters will be activated with the button L3/LS.
6. Now the photos you take in the game can be uploaded to the Social Club.
7. According to the team of Rockstar, the look of Franklin was the only one who changed the most since the                beginning of the game development.

Racing missions….. Yay.

The magazine also listed a couple or tips for the game:

Rockstar Tip 1: If you’re planning to steal a plane, go with Trevor, he is the best pilot.

Rockstar Tip 2: Want an escape from the crazy city? Go to Franklin, he is the best driver.

Remember translation may be slightly inaccurate, due to translation issues.


It was also recently announced all of the region locking and supported languages Rockstar are implementing in their new game:

PS3 (Region Free):

Version – Supported language

  • North America, Asia (Except Japan) – English, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Latin American Spanish
  • Europe, Middle East, Russia – English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish
  • Japan – Japanese and English

Xbox 360:

Region Free:

  • Worldwide (Region-Free) except for Japan – English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Latin American Spanish

Region Locked:

  • Japan – Japanese and English

It was also announced how there will be DLC for the game – and Rockstar issued a statement along with this:

It is generally recommended that you buy and play games that are designated for your country to avoid potential problems with DLC region-compatibility.

If you live in Europe (where the GTAV disc code is BLES01807) you will likely have a European PSN account that will not be able to redeem a US pre-order code, and will only be able to download Region 2 (European) DLC, incompatible with non-European discs.

This applies with my imported TLOU, as when I bought it I was unable to redeem my network pass on my EU account, but I was able to on my US account.


And the ‘The Walking Dead: 400 Days’ competition winner is…..

Acid_Snake, with this gif:

Have fun playing!

Suggestions for next months game are welcome, but I’m thinking about giving away GTA: Vice City next month, what would you want from a giveaway? (Don’t include new AAA titles, and Humble Bundles are in the mix as well if you want them)

Weekly Blog Round-up

We got a nice few blogs in this week, some of which made me EXTREMELY happy and excited, I mean, giveaways and VHBL/Kxploit, what could make you happier?

Well, maybe Megan Fox showing up on my doorstep……. delivering a pizza I didn’t order for free. :D turns 5 years old, and I have presents for you

PSVITA Mandatory OFW 2.60 Now Live

PS Vita: Day 1 Hello World on firmware 2.60 

PS Vita TN-V Update Coming, Possibly New Kernel Exploit Release Soon 

Announcement: I will release a new usermode exploit soon

What time is it? Reddit time! (Dammit, now I have that High School Musical song stuck in my head whatever you do, don’t listen to it)

It’s this song here:


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