Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? MGS V Screenshots, Titanfall Alpha gameplay, and Playstation Now Timeline!

January 23, 2014

Hey guys, a few interesting this happened this week. Just look at the title! and I’m here to tell you a few more things that I think you’ll like! Here’s a couple for example, the DLC for The Last Of Us ‘Left Behind’ has received a release date, and the other bit of news is ;Troy Baker is working on a new project…. How interesting! First off, we’ve finally got a Vita game announcement, it seems like we’re getting back in the swing of things when it comes to Vita game announcement, although it was only 1 this week and last week, it’s better than the none from the previous weeks, no? So the 1 game I could find that has been announced for the Vita was on the PS Blog, it’s known as ‘Bodycheck and seems to be pretty cool, it’s a football game, but a tad different. Here’s what the developer sums it up as:

So Bodycheck is a sports game with no rules against foul play, magic powers, and (explicit) corruption. And it will be multiplayer, yes. Did I mention that you can have four-way matches?

I’m not a fan of football games, but this sounds like so much fun.

I like fun.

On the PS Blog post he also supplied a video of the game, but bear in mind this is a WIP video and things may change in the final game, I’m sure we’ll here more in the future.

Here’s a bit more information about Playstation Now that was announced at CES recently, during a press conference about the service they showed the time plan for the streaming and when it’ll be available in certain areas. Unfortunately, for us Europeans it’ll be a bit of a wait untill we get the service, being as it’s due for release in Q1 2015.

I wonder if logging in on a US account will let  me access it….

Anyway, here’s the photo that someone snapped during the conference:

Playstation Now looks very interesting, I just want to hear more information about pricing and the catalogue, and just generally more information.

Next piece of news will be about Metal Gear Solid V. Hideo Kojima has tweeted out a few pictures of the game running, through remote play, and also he recently announced he will be tailoring each controller to the console, for example on the PS4, Kojima has made use of the built in speaker where the songs performed by Donna Burke will be played out of the speaker, Rather than the TV speakers itself (or if you’re fancy, the surround sound system)

Here’s a few photos of the game being played on Vita, and the companion app that will accompany the game on tablets and other devices.

And here’s the companion app, a Sony tablet being used on the Xbox One… excellent!

I would post the photos but there’s too much that would make this page look crammed. So here’s a link to a 1080p/720p comparison of the games, current gen and next gen… wait…. past-gen and current-gen?

Which one should I say!?!

So now let’s move onto a game that I’m reasonably excited about… I’m not sure about everyone else however.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

A new trailer has been released and it looks epic. The only squabble I have with this game is that the lcollectors edition is only avaliable for US. But I want that pocketwatch!

Anyway, jealousy aside, let’s move onto one of the next thing I’m going to play.

In the opening paragraph I mentioned about the DLC for The Last Of Us, ‘ Left Behind’ It’s got another trailer, and also a release date (like I said) The release date is set for 14/02/14 or, in case you’re Americans and can’t understand that silly english way of telling the time: 02/14/14

I cant wait until valentines day! To play a game about zombies and killing…. Wooo!

And here’s the new trailer that was put out recently:

If you haven’t read the ‘American Dreams’ comics from The Last Of Us, you can purchase all 4 editions for $6 to read digitally, I have, and they’re pretty good   

Next up we’ve got one of my favourite voice actors featuring teasing a new project he’s on. Here’s the tweet and photo

So here’s my detective skills in action, as much as I’d like it to be a Naughty Dog game I’m pretty positive it isn’t because I know that they never use the facial capture tech on their projects.  Also, finding a picture of their mo-cap studio, that’s in a warehouse meanwhile ND’s is covered in white all the way round, ND’s also looks a bit smaller, but that could be the perspective on how the photo was taken.

In any case, it’s good to know that he’s on a new project and we might hear about it more in the future or maybe even at E3, which feels like a lifetime away and like the previous one just passed.

And finally here’s a few bits of news that didn’t quite cut it for a full article, but is worth a mention:

Tomb Raider: The Definitive Edition runs at 30FPS – Bear in mind TressFX (for the hair) takes up a fair amount of power for use, so this is possible the reason the lower frame rate. You can see a massive difference in quality when it’s enabled however:

Dead Rising 3 is getting a humungous 13GB Patch! – What.

The Last Of Us wis GOTY from Neogaf

Sony “Shares” Deep Down Screenshots Directly from a PS4: Leaves One, Deletes all the Others

Hideo Kojima Showcases The Action Figures Of MGS V

He also went and played Knack At SCEJ For a few hours.  His thoughts are this:

Operation is simple and easy, but it becomes a very hard game when I change the difficulty. It’s exhilarating when Knack becomes huge. I loved the traps like in Crash.

It seems that Mark created it very carefully. The next generation feeling is a bit thin, but it has interesting technical challenges to it.

Strider On PS4 & Xbox One Features SSAO, Improved Lighting, Expressive Particle Effects Due To GPU

Wekly blog round-up

A decent amount of blogs this week, thanks to Acid we’ve had at least one every day.

Sorry it’s a bit late, you know when you do a 13 and a half hour shift with the manager you don’t like?

Oh you don’t? I’m the only one crazy enough to do it.


Reddit Time!

A mod for Skyrim was posted on there recently, I’m not sure how old it is but its pretty cool:

Someome has had a bit of problem with their xbox…

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