Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? New Tekken Character, Sony Comments On E3 2014 & The Steam Machine Unboxing!

December 17, 2013

So this is the week that seemed like ages away when Total_Noobs exploit will come out. And here it is! Under the alias of 101-1 and in the JP region as 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN!バトルアリーナ2 スピリットバースト (Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Battle Arena2)

What else? Well we get more Vita games, an interesting new Tekken Revolution character, and a lot more!


These games have not been confirmed to come to Vita, but there is a high chance:

Tales from Borderlands

Game of Thrones Game

Both are being developed by Telltale Games, and being as recently their games (TWD, The Wolf Among Us) are on the Vita, there’s a good chance they’ll be coming to the Vita this time around too.

Release dates for:

Eurofloria  – 18th December

This is the first I’ve heard of this game, and in the description for it, it mentions that the game runs at 60FPS on the Vita…. Pretty impressive! The trailer for it is below.

Let’s move onto some news now, and we’ve got the strangest I’ve ever reported on, I think. If I’ve done something stranger let me know in the comments!

Well Tekken recently added a new character to the roster, and it features a vampire woman, that when you suck their blood/bite their neck… ummm….. just watch the video.

Okay, for those who can’t see the video (or can’t be bothered) here it is:




So since this all of the western community seems to be going crazy. Tweeting abuse at Harada, the producer of Tekken. But he’s not helping himself by posting this as a reply on

It seems that you were not hearing my talk. and DID YOU PLAY HER ALREADY?
Did you come from the future? The SYSTEM which you imagined is wrong.
Get a life, and see you in the future = thank you for jump the gun. @EternalDragon28

Harada got the rage…

To be honest, I don’t see what’s wrong with a character with ‘inflating’ breasts. For those who think it’s silly are a bit immature. It’s a Japanese game, and everyone knows what the Japanese are like when it comes to breasts!

Here’s some good news about the Xbox, in under 3 weeks Microsoft have claimed their next gen console has sold 2 million units. Now that’s impressive.

I don’t mean to be a killjoy or anything, but to be honest I think this is a bit of a lie, purely it’s most likely to sell best in it’s homeland, America. but then you’ve got huge retailer Bestbuy saying ‘We’ve sold a lot more PS4′s than Xbox Ones’ along with the delivery driver which delivered my PS4, I asked him how many deliveries he’s got today. The reply was ‘A lot more than Xbox thats for sure.’

So I’m just a tad skeptical. Hey, if they have sold 2 million, credit to them and Ill hold my hands up admitting that I’m wrong. But for the moment, I don’t think they’ve sold 2 million, 100,000 away from PS4 total sales, even if it launched in less countries, and had less time to catch up. Which actually means the Xbox has better sales wise than the PS4…

So here’s some more information on the upcoming steam machine, for those lucky 300 people who applied for the beta testing of the unit, have been sent out and someone was nice enough to post a video of it online:

I think I prefer the box it came in more than the machine…

and here’s the beta tester booting it up:

If any of you are aware, Youtube has gone crazy, and changes to their T&C’s have caused their automatic Content ID checker to go crazy. Now just when you thought it bad, giving the copyright notice to loads of let’s play videos…. It gets worse when Johnothan Blow submitted new gameplay footage on his channel and it was struck with the copyright notice. Apparently his own game belongs to sony (it doesn’t).

Here’s a video I haven’t seen before about Jonathan explaining a puzzle that is a part of The Witness.

Sowe’ve already had a tease for next years E3, coming from, believe it or not. Sony.

In the Playstation blog Guy Longworth who is the SVP for PlayStation Brand Marketing, replied to comments saying how they’ve still got stuff ‘underwraps’

 Murphy37110  said:

Congrats Sony! I got my PS4 Launch Edition on day one and love it. Now just bring on those great games please!

Guy Longworth  said:

Thanks… we’re working on them and have some epic stuff still underwraps… can’t wait for E3 now!

He also mentions that the free Taco Bell PS4′s weren’t counted in the number of PS4′s sold.

Guy replied to a commenter about headset compatibility, saying that it should be here soon.

trustter on December 12th, 2013 at 4:03 pm said:Congratulations Sony Team. Right now I’m very happy the way Sony is approaching things. PS4 is near perfection and there are just a few things that I wish I could do right now. Like using my ps3 remote control and full support for older headsets.Or at least give us a brand new 7.1 high quality headset. :) I’m a playstation guy since the PS one was launched.<3

Guy Longworth said:

Thanks… We’re working hard on the headsets… should be sorted out soon….

So there we have it, information on the headset patch and a tease for E3, what else could they possibly have underwraps for us to drool over? What is your prediction?

Weekly Blog Round-up

reddit time

I’m not sure if there’s any swearing in this, because 80% of what the boy says is incomprehensible:

This guy is awesome, he re-creates all loads of songs  with the Accordion.. he’s done quite a few videos like this:

And the final one, another video of a person using an arcade dancer, and pretty well:

This may not be gaming related but it amazed me when I saw it:

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