Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? PAX East, Naughty Dog Anniversary Announcements And EA/Ubi E3 Conference Times!

April 15, 2014

Boy it’s been a long time since I’ve done a dedicated news week on the weekly sum-up, this one is based around PAX, and all of what happened this week there, along with a few other bits of course. We’ve got a few gameplay videos, some new screenshots, and new game announcements!

PS Vita News

The PS Blog had it’s fair share of blog-worthy news regarding the vita, including a release date for puzzle game Ethan: Meteor Hunter on the PS Vita of 16th April, which brilliantly enough is cross buy if you already own it on the PS3!

Galak-Z got a release window of Fall for the PC, PS4 and the Vita, this game looks pretty cool and I might be picking this one up, here’s a gameplay video below:

I guess you could consider this as Vita news, Guacamelee developers, Drinkbox Studios announced their new project at PAX, and are aiming to bring the game to mobiles, but will consider bringing it to consoles that support gestures. It is simply named ‘Severed’, it seems to be a pretty strange game so I’ll let the trailer do the talking:

First of all, here’s some new games that were either announced, or I haven’t heard anything about them before:

Project Cyber –

Elegy for a Dead World –

Habitat –

Record Run [Mobile] – Developed by Harmonix

Mercenary Kings  -W/ Cross Buy PS Vita

Curses ‘n’ Chaos – PC/Vita Developed by Tribute games (Mercenary Kings)

Ninja Senki DX – PC/Vita Developed by Tribute games (Mercenary Kings)

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth –

There Came An Echo – PS4

Citizens Of Earth –PS Vita/PS4 Dev. by Atlus/Eden Industries 

The list above includes a few announcements from outside of PAX, but why have 2 lists when it’ll be easier to read 1 mega list?

Square Enix have been showing off there interesting game Murdered: Soul Suspect at PAX also, and have released a new gameplay video for us to look at. Funnily enough, I wasn’t expecting the video to make me jump while watching it!

With the announcement of The Last Of Us: Remastered, Naughty Dog post something on the PS Blog that this isn’t the only anniversary announcement they are making, one of the announcements they have already made is that they are partnering with Dark Horse Comics to release ‘The Art Of Naughty Dog’ much like they did with The Last Of Us artbook, but it’ll span ND’s whole history, rather than 1 game.

This kicks off several anniversary announcements happening over the coming months. Turning 30 is going to be a fun year for us all. Get ready to celebrate with us!

If that’s a poster, I want it.

Next up is some news on E3….. yes, already. EA and Ubisoft have confirmed their dates and time of their conferences, and like last year both on the same day.

EA is before Ubisoft, following a pattern of the previous year, EA’s conference is at 12pm and Ubisofts at 3pm – PT

The timing pattern follows last year as well, if it’s the same, Microsoft’s should be at 9am and Sony’s will be at 6pm

If you want to convert this to your own time, here’s a link:


Ubisoft –

EA –

After finding this out while at work, I checked dates/time and I found out I was working, so I took annual leave, yes, to watch E3.

Weekly blog round-up

There was over a blog a day for this week, and this should more than keep you busy reading. You can never complain at the variety of the content on Wololo, from Exploit news to game announcements to strange weekly sum up’s that no body really wants, this is the blog to go to if you want something other that 100% vita hacking news!

Reddit Time!

Well that’s a bit of a lie, being as some of this was just from around the internet – but it’s awesome so it’s going here.

From the game Evolve, this is a massive model of the monster you can control in the game!

The Virtuix Omni can take a step aside, couple this with VR and it will be the most immersive experience possible!

Here’s something that is a joy to watch; Clueless gamer as part of the Conan O’brien show. This time he rented out a American football (eggball) stadium to play some PS4 games on the big screen.

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