Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? Pocketstation on Vita, Xbox One UI, Street Fighter On PS4?

November 11, 2013

Well for you Americans it turns out that the PS4 will be hitting and then flying off the shelves 2 seconds later this week. I on the other hand have still got to wait 3 weeks! :(   On the waiting side of things however, a couple of people have already received their Xbox consoles due to a mix up with US retailer target. Anyway, that’s a few things, click on the link to find out what else happened last week.

Oh, by the way my excitement for the ps4 grows you’ll be seeing a lot more smiley faces and my ‘professionalism’ may drop a tad, if there was any in the first place! :)

Vita news first :)

Game announcements:

Paradise Lost: First Contact (If Kickstarter goal is reached)
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f
Backgammon Blitz
MLB 14 The Show

There’s a pretty decent list up there, with the yearly MLB the other games, it’s good to add a few games to the PS Vita’s library.

As in the title, Sony has released an app that emulates the pocketstation for the PS Vita, free for you to download and play now. It looks pretty cool- here’s the trailer for it:

Here’s something rather comical, a customer who was clever enough to pre order their PS4 from blockbuster, was refused a refund so he took to outside the store with a megaphone to let people know that Blockbuster essentially took £450 off of him. The company said they’d only refund customers who wrote to head office, but this guy was having none of it. At first he was offered £450 worth in store credit for DVDs and films, Anyway in the end he got his refund in store and walked out of the struggling store all happy. To be honest, who would even put order their console from blockbuster? They’ve been in administration about 3 times now so I certainly wouldn’t make a heavy investment on them. I’ve got my PS4 from Shopto due to them (at time of pre ordering) still had day one deliveries open. I doubt they have now, with only 18 days to go until next gen in UK (and the rest of EU).


After the lengthy time its been out, Nintendo have finally decided to bring over the Wii mini, the company said it is to be released ‘mid November’ most likely so that its on the shelves when next gen everyone’s in the shops for decent discoverability. This is the same situation that the 12gb ps3 was in, the model was out in Europe for years before it came to US a month or so ago.

In any case if I remember correctly, the Wii Mini is lacking in the WiFi area with no ability to connect to the internet, and also no support for Gamecube games. So if you just plan on buying the console for Wii games only, this is the one. It will retail for $99 and includes Mario Kart free.

A few weeks ago italkgame wrote an article on the steam machine, steamOS and also the controller. Now there has been a few pictures released that show the prototype of the steam machine, here they are:

Let’s go Xbox news for a while now, there has been a few things that have impressed me, like the 12 minute video of the user interface of the Xbox One in action, starting a game, switching from games to apps to TV service, all of that stuff. Its pretty awesome and you should definitely have a look at it,click on the video below, the only thing it doesn’t show is the ‘snap’ feature but we’ve already seen that and it only needs explaining once. For those who haven’t seen it, it basically shows a small amount of another app while you’re doing something. So if you are playing a game and say ‘ Xbox snap Skype’ then Skype would show up at the side of the screen. Its a pretty cool feature :)

Anyway I’ll stop rambling and show you the video:

Another shorter video was posted by the ever loved(I think) Major Nelson. He shows how quick and simple it is to redeem a code on the Xbox One, if you can’t view the video it takes less that 6 seconds. Say ‘Xbox use code’ then show the kinect camera the QR code you got when purchased the credit and done in a matter of seconds. Pretty cool, so quick that the video showcasing was put on vine, but it won’t let me embed it so you’ll have to follow this link:

Turns out, 2 Xbox Ones have been delivered 2 weeks prior to the release date, and one, wanting his 10 minutes of fame, told the internet a shed load of details, from starting screen to Player icons to game data installs. Well it turns out that because of this, his console has now been banned.
To be honest, if I got a brand new shiny next gen console 2 weeks before everyone else, fully paid for, I’d expect to be able to play it. This is exactly the same circumstance that everyone went crazy about because of the DRM fiasco, console=/=useless, albeit console bans being a lot more of a rarity, it would still leave a sour taste in my mouth at the beginning of a new console generation, that’s for sure.  Our boy Major Nelson has assured us that the ban is only until launch, so there’s some good news!

Someone pieced together a whole article on what information we learned from the shipping mistake, although it’s in simple bullet point form it’s still quite a bit. See it here:

Of course, Shuhei sent out a tweet saying that they woldn’t ban your console if you connected early. Playing off of MS’ bad publicity.

Woah, more Xbox One news, the limited edition white Xbox One that was given out to staff members who helped make Xbox One, the unnamed staff member sold his on eBay, and it ended up selling for a whopping  £5,000. In a charity auction for Gamesaid, how nice of them :)

Gioteck have announced their line of headsets that will work with the PS4 at launch, unlike other headsets. Here’s what some of them look like, but to see what they all look like click the link below for a full list.

There’s a few more to look at if you follow this link, and here is the set-up you’d need to use the headsets, some however are as simple as plugging the headset jack into the one on the DS4 :)

So as I said in the title, there may be a street fighter title for the PS4. Where did I get this from you ask? Why this video here!

If any of you didn’t notice….

11 seconds in:


The ever so mysterious Hideo Kojima has given us some more information  on his latest game, the release date, and prices. Its been confirmed that it will have a retail/boxed  and digital version for current gen(ps3/360) priced at £29.99/€29.99 and £19.99/€19.99 respectively, next gen versions however there will only be a digital version and will be the £29.99/€29.99.

Ground Zeroes comprises of 1 mission only, a Cuban rescue mission which has been shown quite a bit over the year. The news of a single mission surprises me, and to be honest, I won’t be purchasing this game for £20 on my PS3, I remember buying Ratchet & Clank: A Quest for Booty and being extremely disappointed after finishing it in 3.5 hours

Weekly blog round-up

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Sony patches a few exploits, VHBL and Hello World appear for Vita FW 3.00 on day 1 – luckily not all exploits have been blocked out, I wonder how many PSP games on the PSN have an exploit…

The game exploits patched by Vita FW 3.00, and how this will impact future VHBL/TN-V releases – Acid_Snake let’s us know what’s going on in the exploit world, and the situation TN_V4 is in!

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Call of Duty: Ghost hackers explain their motives – italkgame (it still really annoys me how there’s no capital letter) informs us on what motives the people who hacked CoD Ghosts had.

Killzone Shadow Fall on PS Vita – italkgame shows us a quick video showing remoteplay on PS Vita through Killzone: Shadowfall.

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