Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? PS3 Headset Works on PS4, Conversations With Creators And Uncharted 4?

July 22, 2013

This week, among  titled we have plenty of news, including the likes of GT6 on the PS4, Far Cry 4, Possibly a new Soulcalibur, and MS’ Lift London Studio is working on 4 F2P games. Right now (unless you’re already on the article page) It’s time to click the link that says ‘Read the rest of this entry >>’ Look, it’s right there!–>

Before I start there’s always a little something, this time, it’s what my tab bar looks like when I am writing this article, and it look’s like this:

Before we get started on Vita announcements, I’ll touch upon slightly more important matters for the moment, and they go by the name of VHBL.

First off the name of the VHBL game this time round is Gamocracy One: Legend of Robot  and is $3.99  on the US PSN. Get it quick before it is taken off!

Wololo & co. were kind enough to do some beta tests on some of the homebrews that run on the upcoming exploit, and you can find results here, and a full updated list here, No doubt as per usual that our wonderful /talk members will compile a huge compatibility list when the exploit goes live, and our members have a bit of time to test some of the homebrews out.

Regarding Vita titles, a few popped up, and I’m surprised that I haven’t had a week where there were no Vita titles at all to be honest. Albeit indie games, but it’s something to play, right?

So there was quite a few announcements this week, here they all are, (and you’ll be surprised at a few):

So last week I spoke about Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus (or just ‘Nexus’ in EU) and it turns out that it may be coming to Vita after all, as it has been listed on Amazon. They originally said it  may not come to Vita due to the problems they faced with Full Frontal Assault. Which was released 6 months after it’s PS3 release, although it was supposed to be launched the same day as the PS3 version.

It also says that the game will be released on 4 November, ringing true to the rumor of ‘Holiday 2013′


Read more here

Into the Nexus was originally supposed to be called ‘Into the Netherreigions’ But they decided against it and settled on ‘Nexus’

Again, in case you missed it ;)

There was a recent video uploaded by Namco Bandai, about the game Adventure Time: Explore The Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW! Coming This Fall – Yep. That actually is the name. Which is coming out for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and 3DS, On a video they uploaded, a commenter complained about how it isn’t coming to the Vita, to which the NB replied:


Since then, the comments have been deleted but I found they commented again, in return of a commenter saying:

I guess his rage was over 9000….

Someone’s headed to the unemployment office today…

The video in question.

For those of you who are still playing MAG, SOCOM Confrontation, and SOCOM 4, their online multiplayer services will cease on 28/01/14. 6 Months from now.

 I’ve never played any of those games, if I were to play them what game should I pick up before I’m always…. offline?

At the San Diego Comic Con(vention) recently, it was confirmed by a Sony rep that PS3 headsets will support the PS4, which is good news so we won’t need  to purchase any new ones, or even adaptors to  make the previous ones work with the successor.


Wednesday was ‘tease day’ in the Sony books, being as 2 of their employees, and the official Xdev account tweeted something regarding Gamescom. First of all it was Tony Clark who is Director of Business Development,EMEA/India/ANZ at SCEE, and tweeted:

Next to join tease day was the Sony XDev Europe account which simply said:

Later that day, Shahid Ahmad who is the Senior Business Development Manager at SCEE let us all know about how he has secured a few games for Gamescom:

Dammit Sony you tease!

Read here.

So, all of those who have wondered about Naughty Dog’s next game, we may have the answer. However, it  is known that they have always started a new IP with a new generation (Crash Bandicoot – PS1, Jak&Daxter – PS2, Uncharted – PS3). But will they discard their tradition and end up creating a new Uncharted, or The Last Of Us 2?

Well the answer seems to be Uncharted 4: Eye Of Atlantis. There’s been a few pictures leaked online which shows 3 of the game – The beggining title, begining quote from some bloke (a tradition in Uncharted games) and also a ’however long ago’ screen, also a tradition (just like 3 months earlier in UC2).
What do you make of this? I’m not sure whether to pass it off or not, but usually fakes have terrible spelling, and the ’8 months ago’ does looks a tad like UC: Golden Abyss. But hey, I’m not sure if I even want a new Uncharted, the series is done… on the other hand however I really like the series. But then again, a new IP is always a great thing from ND…

Unlike previously said at the Silverstone event pre-E3, there is actually a PS4 version of Gran Turismo 6 planned, this is good news, but I don’t think that I’ll be picking GT up. I have my eyes planned on the likes of Knack, Assassins Creed, Watch_Dogs and the indies and the beautiful PS Plus.

Read more here

On July 14th, Avalanche Studios (Who are responsible for Just Cause) showed their first gameplay for Mad Max. Put out a debut video of their gameplay, I haven’t seen the original film yet, but for those mobile viewers out there, it looks like you can customise your car (heavily) and to be honest, it mainly looks like a car racing/smashing game, with some ‘out-of-car’ gameplay, so possibly/ maybe free roam.

As I was saying about customisation possibilities, here’s a screenshot of the video of the bonnet on his car:

And later in the trailer:

I spoke about how Soul Saga creator Mike Gale does live streams, and he was playing Final Fantasy 6 and I saw a dragon with a striking resemblance to our (once) beloved Spyro the Dragon. So I took a screenshot and here it is:

Purple back, Yellow stomach, Yellow horns? Hmm….

For those who I have spoken to, or who are interested in the live streams, the next one will be on his youtube channel which is:

Then again, it  may be on his twitch channel being as he switched over due to youtube live’s delay of about a minute. If you fancy watching it, leave a comment saying you do and I’ll create atopic in /talk under ‘off topic’

The games he plays are all the classic games that inspired Soul Saga, they are the likes of FF 6,7, 10, Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire and many more.

Being as I was too slow in publishing this article,  his live streams are re-watchable on their, and previous ones are on his twitch account.

Live streams will be every weekend, remember to check his website here for updates on how the  game is progressing and also when he announces the let’s plays schedule. Oh, and of course you’ll be seeing me there!

If you are a bit annoyed at how you missed out on the Kickstarter campaign, don’t be! You can still pledge through the page on his own website through kickstarter:

weekly blog roundup

Boy a lot happened this week! Plenty of articles for you lot to read! :)

More petitions regarding the Xbox One… Bring back DRM and other restrictive policies? – Tonakai tells  us how there’s a petition going around where some people want back the old DRM features, but why?

[PS4]You Cannot Turn The DualShock 4′s Light Bar Off, But Developers Can -I show you a tweet from Shuhei Yoshida’s twitter account at how You personally can’t turn off the light bar, but developers can.

My experience with Sony’s appalling customer services – It seems Tonakai had some unfortunate dealings with Sony’s customer service. I have never had a problem when my PSP got bricked however, but it always changes.

PS4 Dev Kit FCC Filing, Shows What The Dev Kit Looks Like & Max Clock Speed  – A PS4 dev kit FCC filing went live and this  shows what it looks like and  its general specs

You can play your digital games on a friend’s PS4 – Acid_Snake reports on at a developers conference recently one of the R&D team tells us how we can play our digitally bought  games on anyone’s PS4, provided you are logged in. I touched upon this in my weekly update but it’s ven better seeing Acid grace it with his university knowledge. ;)

Qwikrazor87′s VHBL exploit might be available on EU stores after all – Wololo writ some recent articles giving  you the possibility of winning $20 for the VHBL exploit game, but it turns out it may be on the EU stores after all!

How to switch your PS Vita to a US account (or any other country) – Wololo guides us on how to switch our PS Vita into different regional accounts,  so  that we may be able to use the exploited game if it is not in the EU store.

Exploitable Game for PS Vita 2.12 announced (VHBL) – Wololo tells us the name of the VHBL game! and it  is Gamocracy One: Legend of Robot  and is $3.99  on the US PSN.

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