Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? Ratchet & Clank film, More Vita Games, And The OUYA!

April 28, 2013

Hey everybody, it’s week 2 of my news summary, and if you haven’t realized I’ve decided to re-name it. It’s a bit better, don’t you think? Anyway, on the topic. This week lots happened. Xbox announced the reveal of their next gen console, there’s a new colour controller coming to US, Amazon lists Fifa 14 for the Vita, and here’s the fun one. A 90 year old had a go on the Oculus Rift!

At the bottom of the page, I will provide a full article for you to read if you are interested and want to read more about it.

So, I’ll get started with Vita news first, being as that’s the stuff you really want to know. Like I said above, Amazon has listed Fifa 14 for the Vita. Just like last week I have said I’m not much of a fan of football games, but there isn’t a shortage of them that’s for sure. Any new game coming to the Vita is great, and it usually means (hopefully) more sales, especially an AAA title like Fifa.

That’s what the Vita needs at the moment, an AAA title coming to it, well, not just one. It need’s plenty, You won’t hear someone say ‘That new game Thomas is Alone is out! I’m going to get a Vita now!’

There’s a couple of new games this week, and it isn’t just indie games!

Rayman Legends
Fifa 14
Quell Momento 
Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery
TxK. (This is an update of  the ’94 multi-console game Tempest 2000.)

Also, Escape Vektor studio Nnooo (yes that is actually their name) are developing a game for Vita and PS4. They haven’t announced anything about their game properly, but they are however hiring. The studio is in Sydney so if you want a job, and live in Sydney there’s a few jobs opening up :)

I’m glad we’ve got a few games coming that are actually worthy of a physical card (Rayman & Fifa 14) unlike all of the indie games, don’t get me wrong some of the games are awesome, but with Fifa 14 on the Vita, and for only $40, which is good due to it being  it’s great that it’s cheaper (Although $40 is quite a bit still).
The game Stealth B**tard was announced at the beginning at this month, but sensibly, it opted for a name change which was chosen by the PlayStation community, and is now called Stealth Inc.- A Clone In The Dark.

Now we all agree that most game/film adaptations are usually crap (excuse my french), however, there aren’t that many CGI game film adaptation, but Blockade Entertainment have announced that they are working on a Ratchet & Clank film, and also a Heavenly Sword film.
There is no PoC as of now for the Heavenly Sword film, there is however a trailer for the Ratchet & Clank film, which I have previously put in one of my articles. Incase you missed it, here it is:

I love Ratchet & Clank, I don’t know if I can wait 2 years though. (Imagine what a 20 year old would look like going to see that film)

PS3 will be getting the spotlight for a bit now, what happened PS3 wise this week… A few things happened this week you may not be aware of, first of all though you would’ve known about the v4.41 update being as Wololo did a blog post on running PSP ISO’s on your PS3, Ill provide the link below at the ‘weekly blog roundup’. All the system firmware does is update the ‘system stability’ of the console, surprise surprise! Didn’t really work though, did it?

Here’s a great bit of news you Metal Gear Solid fans will love, in fact, you may even squeal like a little girl (I can assure you I didn’t). It is the Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Collection. The retail price set for it currently in Japan is Y7,980 which is roughly $80/£50, no official price has been set for the game over here but we’ll soon find out before it’s release date in June 

The collection includes al of the games from 1987 through to last year, if you don’t remember the names of every game. Here they are:

  1. Metal Gear Solid
  2. Metal Gear Solid 2: HD Edition
  3. Metal Gear Solid 3: HD Edition
  4. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Edition
  5. Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions
  6. Metal Gear Solid 4: Trophy Edition
  7. Metal Gear (MSX edition)
  8. Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (MSX edition)

On top of you getting this many games, it also includes two MGS digital graphic novels from Australian comic book artist Ashley Wood. Not to shabby if you ask me, being as £40 is around average for a game in the UK it is a reasonable price at £50 for 8 games! If you own a Xbox, sorry folks you’ve missed out this time, this legacy collection will be exclusively for PlayStation 3.

On topic of new Metal Gear Solid games, there has been a new video about the new game. Many people were surprised to find out that David Hayter, the voice of Snake for 12 years wasn’t the voice of him anymore, even I was. The video doesn’t give much away, it may even be fake, but  in the video he says “a hint of who I will be playing is ‘I am the one you thought I would be playing at the start’ ”

One clever commenter on the video posted this:

“I am the one you thought I would be from the start.”

The voice pack he is using is called David.

David is 6’1.”

The Japanese voice actor is the same for Big Boss, so why would Kojima change the American one?

David’s weird tweets and him changing his avatar to snake.

David has done some acting in Hollywood as well as some animated movies. (ex. Devil’s mile and Lupin III)

David posted he will not be playing Big boss on April fools day.

Is this another one of Kojima’s trolls? Just like the interview with one ‘Joakim Mogren’ and a little bit of a fun fact, he refers to himself as ‘Mr Oni’ – Oni in Japanese is Ogre. (Tomb Raider taught me that!)

There’s a new controller coming to the US. A nice shiny metallic gray. PlayStation have listed their new controller on their official website, but unfortunately for me and everyone else outside of US they will not be sold. That’s right. Only in the US.

There hasn’t been any announcement on dates or prices, it’ll most likely cost arounf $54.99 though, being as thats what the retail price is of the other controllers.

Looking forward to the new GTA V? in 2 days time (30/4/2013) 3 new trailers will be released hopefully showing each of the 3 playable characters, Michael, Franklin and Trevor. As annoyed as I am about it there are still plenty of other games to play, although I can’t wait for The Last of Us, there are so many great games coming this year. If I listed them I would be here all day.

This week on the Xbox official facebook page, they announced they would be having a press conference and they will announce thei next gen console, as I’ve said, I’m pretty excited and am happy to see what Microsoft can bring to the table this time round, as I said on the article when I spoke about it, I love anything techy, you should see how many gadgets I have. It’s ridiculous.

What time is it now Minimur? OUYA time!

I have a bit of news for it, it isn’t really that exciting, but it certainly is impressive.

The OUYA has now passed the 10,000 developer milestone. Yep that’s right, there’s 10,000 people developing for the mug-sized gadget, The head of developer relations, Kellee Santiago, told Joystiq in an interview that the little console has reached the impressive milestone, I can see great things happening with this console, hopefully it will grow immensely over the next few months and become a console with many games, I might have to re-think my decision of not getting it….

You may have heard of the Oculus Rift, Jd8531 mentioned it in an article  back in September, this is the amazing virtual reality bit of kit, and there are many people having fun with it, plenty of videos. I have picked 2 of my favourite that have surfaced this week and here they are:

Weekly blog re-cap:

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Microsoft Announce Conference For May 21st ‘A New Generation Revealed’ – Microsoft announced how  they will reveal their next-gen console on 21st May.

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Introducing the Dual Shock 4! – Hgoel0974 is kind enough to show us a video from PlayStation describing the what the DualShock 4 brings to the table.

Video : PSP Isos running on a 4.41 OFW PS3?  – Wololo shows us the latest FW isn’t as ‘stable’ as you’d think.

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PoC = Proof of Concept, something that proves it is in the works, for example, this is a proof of concept with vHBL

[Convert to your currency here]

Also, I opened the rest of my Sugru, and made these;

They aren’t actually this strong, I unfolded a paper clip and wrapped Sugru in it, then stuck the Sugru to the wall.

I’ve introduced something new in this weekly news sum up, called ‘Awesome thing of the week’, so here’s the first one:

Final Fantasy Cactuar Sabotender 12″ Posable Plush Toy

View its amazon web page here.

I do not own this item, I just saw it and think it looks awesome.

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