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July 15, 2013

This week we have some pretty good news, amazing news intact for you insomniac fans. It seems they haven’t quite abandoned their beloved PS fans, and are releasing a new, original Ratchet & Clank! What else have we got I hear you think? Ninja Theory show their next-gen game, and FF X/X-2 HD supports cross save!This week on the Vita front I couldn’t find much,  maybe a few games but not too many, so here’s what I unearthed this week:


Divekick release date – August 20th – $10
Super Frog HD – July 31 –  £6.49/EUR7.99
Stealth Inc. – July 24th (Features cross buy)
Demon Gaze
Dangan Ronpa
Sourcery Saga


Tokyo Jungle Mobile

So the HD versions of Final Fantasy support cross save, but unfortunately not cross buy. Still cross save is an interesting feature, play it while you’re at work, go home, pick up from where you left off on your big screen. But that cross save feature comes at a price -$40 for the PS3 version, and $40 for the 2 Vita games- $80 just so you can cross save? I’m okay. Out of the 2, what was your favourite game? FF X or X-2? Also, Square-Enix have announced their special edition for the game. It is for PS3 only, which is a shame, and it comes with a 24 page Artbook, and it looks beautiful. At time of posting the Ltd edition information, they embedded a video showcasing the difference between the original and HD versions of the game. Blimey.

Talking of limited editions, Killzone ShadowFall has announced what their pre-order bonuses are, and they’re the basics of what you’d expect of a pre-order. Soundtrack, a few new costumes for your OWL (your little flying buddy) and a spotlight move for multiplayer.
I was going to take a screenshot of the picture showcasing the pre-order bonuses, but I think you’d prefer the E3 demo, direct feed of it. So here it is:

So that games company called insomniac – they haven’t abandoned Sony like many thought, (admittedly, including myself) a new Ratchet & Clank game has been announced, it’s subtitle this time is ‘Into the Nexus’  the game looks like it has gone back to its roots – with awesome and imaginative weapons, hopefully a great story, and just great weapons! Here is the gameplay video of it, it will be releasing on PS3 in Holiday for $30, I’m just hoping it wont be 4 hours long like Quest for Booty!

New games on topic, Ninja Theory have posted a ‘goodbye to this generation’ video, and it seems that there’s snippets of their next-gen game, and here is the video. But if you’re not a fan of heavy metal, then don’t listen.

But their game looks pretty cool, and if you’re on a mobile device or cant view the video, here’s a few screens of their game

The photo that probably made you click on this, believe it or not was the thumbnail for Bestbuy’s website of the game Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag. It has now been removed, but I’m pretty sure the guy who uploaded it has now been fired!

As I said in the title, GTA V on PC, this is not confirmed, but Rockstar Leeds have put up a job opening in which the job description reads:

“Rockstar Leeds are currently looking for a talented graphics programmer to help bring our latest titles to the PC platform. Working together with the other Rockstar studios, you will be responsible for maintaining the studio’s uncompromising quality bar, delivering the highest quality PC experience possible.”

The listing has been pulled from their website, and for those of you worrying about whether the game will come to PC or not I wouldn’t worry. All their games eventually made it  over to PC, even if GTA IV was 7 months late.

For those of you wondering when Diablo 3 will be coming out, in an interview with diablofans Blizzard has confirmed that it will not be a launch title, and will be released in 2014. They said how they only recently received devkits both consoles and they plan to implement certain features for each console, so we may see some cool things with the DS4′s touchpad, and the Xbox’s…. cloud.

Playstation Access has released a video about 20 things you may not know. They include the name of the new OS, it comes with an HDMI cable, and some things you may already know but hey, it’s pretty hard to come p with 20 things.

1. New interface is called “PS dynamic menu”
2. PS4 HDD can be replaced
3. All digital PS4 games can be accessed from other machines (when signed in)
4. One PS4 will be assigned as the “Home” PS4 (PS access = multiplayer access on all accounts)
5. It comes packaged with HDMI
6. Not region locked
7. Impressive camera
8. Camera has 4 mics
9. Video Unlimited movies will now be streamable on PS4
10. Instantly switch between games and apps
11. Touchpad is a pressable button
12. PS Mobile app will act as a second screen and allow game purchases
13. Cross game chat
14. Video compression/decompression and upload   facilities
15. Suspend mode
16. Game uploads in background and in sleep mode
17. Gaikai for “best PS3 games”
18. Existing PS+ membership rolls over and price is the same
19. Sony Pictures working on new content
20. More than 140 games in development for PS4

Neil Brown, Sony’s R&D senior team leader gave another bit of info about the PS4, and it seems that when you log onto your buddies console you can play your digital games, so like the instant download is you can instantly play the game.

He says:

You can visit someone’s house and log into your account and play any game that’s in your digital library, this makes a digital library a practical option in the real world.

This is pretty cool, now as well as bringing your physical games over to your friends house now all of those digital games you have will be playable there as well. Of course, the Xbox will support this as well but the feature of being able to play your games while it is downloading in the background sounds great.

All the release dates!
GameStop have listed a few release dates for some games, here they are:

weekly blog  round-up

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Bit of a slow blogging week this time round, there isn’t even one from me! I’ll try my best next week ;)

As always, if I have missed anything, please give the commenters a quick sum-up of what I missed!

And for those of you who wanted to pledge on Soul Saga, but couldn’t, the creator of the project opened up a paypal page for you to back on. It is here:

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