Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? Ryse Downgrade, GTA Cheats & Middle East Release Date!

October 1, 2013

So the best news of the week would be that the middle Easterners now know when they’ll have their hands on the shiny new PS4 – and the worst news of the week is that Ryse, the Roman third person game, has received a model downgrade of polygons from 135,000 to 85,000. And a lot more in between!

I’ll crack straight on, Vita news.

Some new games that were announced this week are:

Super Exploding Zoo

MXGP – The Official Motocross Videogame

Injustice: Gods Among Us (Rated via German USK)

Fegal Gara, boss of SCE UK and Ireland gave an interview at the Eurogamer Expo recently, and spoke about Vita sales, and the long distance relationship between the PS Vita – 2000 and Europe. Gara said how the positive feedback is playing a crucial part in the Vita’s survival.

Oh yes, I mean, if that wasn’t the case I think we would have good reason to lose confidence in the device and shelve it. We’re nowhere close to that decision now.

To be honest, I didn’t realise it was that bad.

There has been great positive feedback, but I want people to know that we do listen intently to the negative feedback too. We understand the drawbacks – it’s a bit expensive, also people expect multi-functionality on high-end mobile and portable devices, the content is expensive, and a lot of people are used to getting free or cheap apps.

So we’re addressing these issues, and I should add that Remote Play will be free, and also the Instant Game Collection on PlayStation Plus gives people free games on PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. So I think we’ve listened, we’re working hard, and that the value proposition is better now. It’s in much better shape.

Also in the interview, he mentioned that there are more ‘mega-packs’ being created and 2 of which are set to roll out before April 2014.

Gara was questioned to see if the new Vita revision will be making its way to the west any time soon, his reply was:

No plan that we’re prepared to announce today.

Let’s get it out in Japan, see how successful it is, and take it from there.

Along with this question, he was asked a question a lot of us want to know. Will PS Vita TV come to EU?

It currently is sitting in the same boat as the 2000 model, but he said:

 We are delighted by the interest that’s been shown by western media and the public, particularly in the UK.

That’s pretty much the whole interview there, but you can read it on PSLS here:

Let’s talk about GTA V now, because it seems some clever person has found all (or nearly all) of the cheat codes for the game. Here’s a link to it, but I suggest you watch PS Access’ video suggesting what cheats to use!

My personal favourite is fire bullets :)

Last week I mentioned something in the title about GTA V breaking some records. But being my silly self I forgot to put it in the actual article, GTA V managed to make $800 million on day of release, and in under a week making 1 billion. $265 million of which was their budget.

Let’s say the average price of GTA V (special editions, normal, etc) works out around $100. 1,000,000/100 = 10,000,000. Roughly 10 million copies in under a week. Holy Macaroni.

Fun fact, the main developer of GTA V is R* North, who are based in Scotland. Obviously with some help of other R* studios like NYC, San Diego and others.

Also this week it’s been announced by Crytek that the Xbox One exclusive; Ryse has recieved a downgrade by nealy half the polygon count. 150k down to 85k, but bear in mind that is still highly impressive, being as the poly count of Beyond: Two Souls character, Jodie Holmes was 30,000 Polygons and you can see how good she looks.

Here’s a comprison of before and after of the protagonist with 150k to 80k

Read more into the downgrade here:

Let’s move on to the glorious PS4 news now, and first off the bat we have finally recieved a release date for the middle east. Now we already know the release date for North America and the most of Europe, but for the middle east it won’t arrive until 13th December. Sony also revealed a price tag for the console, and is priced at 1,699 AED (Which actually works out to be $463).

With technology getting better and more impressive, it’s obviuos that games will be getting bigger in size. Now more info, courtesy of Fegal Gara, the PS4 launch game Killzone: Shadowfall clocks in at 50GB. Which is pretty large. Now it comes as no surprise that a next gen game is massive, purele because it’s next-gen and secondly because if you remember, this current gen games started pretty large, Resistance was about 16GB and Uncharted: DF was about 20GB. So it’s likely in the future it’ll actually be less, but we all know there’ll be those games that are twice the size of any normal game, like Uncharted 3 (47GB) and Metal Gear Solid 4 had to be cut up to fit on a 50GB disc.

In any case, we’ll see a big variety of games on next gen, I can’t wait for it :D

At the recent Eurogamer Expo, Guerilla Games did a keynote, you can watch it here:

(It starts at 5:00)

He mentions how there will be DLC, and all future maps will be free, but the season pass grants you access to expansions like more classes, weapons and other stuff.

Weekly blog round-up

173210′s upcoming VHBL release for Vita 2.61, and compatibility list – We get an update of what homebrews work with the upcoming VHBL exploit

Valve announces SteamOS in a play for the living room – italkgame informs us all about the recently announced SteamOS – A linux based operating system by Valve.

5 must-have PS3 games for retired hardcore gamers – Wololo gives us his suggestions on games you must play if you just don’t really have the time for it.

Update: Valve’s Steambox prototype can be hacked – Steams own box/console can be hacked, and they announced a beta program for you to get your hands on one.

Sony Announces New PS4 Bundle – They announced the great valued PS4 bundle, which in my opinion they should’ve anounced earlier. A lot earlier.

Mighty No. 9 might be released for PS Vita –  Announced via kickstarter and the Eurogamer keynot ‘playstation and indies’, The game has a target is (at time of writing) $400,000 awayfrom the target and still has 24 hours to go can it make it?

Valve update: Steam Controller revealed – Their 3rd announcement over 3 days, SteamOS, Steambox and now the controller – looks pretty weird, right?

PlayStation Mobile: One year on – Hgoel tells us what he thinks about PSM since his last opinion review one year ago, I wouldn’t mind seeing Audio Surf on the Vita, now I think about it.

PS4 Devs Explain PS4 UI Details – RashidSonic is back! He shows us some video captured by one of the atendees at Eurogamer, and says a naughty word in it! :O

How to View Documents on your PSvita – hackinformer shows us how to view powerpoint files on our Vita’s

 Reddit Time

God Of War Motorbike, how awesome!

Forget all those guide books on how to escape the cops. THIS is how you escape the police!

Caption: I asked to mum to bring my Xbox with her when she visited me; this is what she bought with her

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