Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? Sony Goes Crazy With Layoffs, A Quick Review Of FF X HD, and The Last Of Us PS4?

March 31, 2014

Hey, I couldn’t find much this week, and sorry about missing last week, I got caught up with Infamous, Lightning Returns and FF X|X-2 HD, but I’ll tell you a bit about my FFX HD endeavour.

Thanks to our /talk thread I managed to find a few games that have been announced for the Vita recently, here’s what we got:


Corpse Party: Blood Drive

Hand Of Fate

That’s all I could find unfortunately, but hey, it’s better than the nothing we had over the Christmas period!

It seems that Ubisoft has started the Watch_Dogs hype train up again and have released a couple of new trailers, one is about the story, and another one is called ‘welcome to Chicago’ and is pretty similar to the GTA V trailers that R* released.

And here’s the GTA trailer I think there’s a few similarities to:

For all of those excited for the new ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ game, there was a developer walkthrough released the other day, narrated by the creative director, and it’s pretty interesting.

I’ve never played any of the previous games in the series, but looking at the video it seems pretty cool. I might give this one a go.

Next, let’s talk about the number of layoffs Sony have been hit with recently. A few of Sony’s studios in England, Evolution, SCE London and Guerilla Cambridge have been hit by layoffs, it hasn’t been said how many, but there are numerous in each studio, a Sony rep said this:

Regular reviews take place throughout SCE Worldwide Studios, ensuring that the resources that we have in such a competitive business can create and produce high quality, innovative and commercially viable projects, as part of this process, we have reviewed and assessed all current projects and have decided to make some changes to some of our European Studios. As a result of this, there will be a focused restructure within London Studio, Guerrilla Cambridge Studio and Evolution Studio to ensure that the SCE WWS is in the best position to achieve their goals going forward.

This is definitely bad news, but for those of you wondering about Driveclub, the rep mentioned that the development process has not been affected and in fact, there was a news article recently that said we should have an announcement in a few weeks time.

Now that’s fine and dandy, but the Game director Col Rodgers left recently aswell, to become an indie man. They’d certainly be lying if that hasn’t affected the development process, then again they probably have game directors on standby waiting to be sent to a certain studio for projects to be done, or just borrowed one from another studio.

My prediction? Sony will announce a release date soon like it said above, possibly for July or August  and then properly re-introduce it at E3 with Project Morpheus support  along with a live example and nice new trailers and probably a something to make up for it like free DLC, the artists and creative director wouldn’t be doing nothing in those 5 months it’s been delayed, well, that’s if they still work there of course.

Let’s talk about one of the free games that consumed last weekend, inFamous: Second Son. SuckerPunch have announced that they’re hoping to implement a frame limit option, as it’s set to 30 but unlocked and ranges between 30 to 50, which to some people apparently it’s noticeable, my eyes are terrible and my brain is even worse so I couldn’t notice it in all honesty

Here’s their findings, it’s the beginning of the game so if you don’t want to see it don’t, but there may be spoilers about how he gets his power.

The game is brilliant though, I was on my second playthrough before my PS4 started sounding like a jet engine so I got it taken away to get repaired…. and stupidly left the infamous disc in along with my 1tb HDD, but they’re going to return it for me to sort out.

But I need your help!

When I was talking to them, they told me that the HDMI cable and the USB charging cable, and also the Power cable isn’t the correct one. If ANYONE could send me a photo of the HDMi lead that came with it, and also the microUSB charging cable (actual photos you took yourselves so I know what they look like) and also any Wololoers in the UK would be willing to send me a photo of the power cable (the actual head where the pins are, so I can see what writing is on it to compare to my 50 other ’8′ cables I have) That would be absolutely grand!

If you could send me these photos on /talk through a PM that would be brilliant and you’d become my favourite reader.

You will become my favourite reader (if I have any) and also the (near) complete Al bhed alphabet for FFX, I’m missing 2 letters, but I want  to find them out for myself so I won’t tell you what they are. I compiled the whole Al bhed alphabet by myself minus the freebies they give you. :)

Ruf cyt ec dryd?

So like mentioned in the title, here’s my quick review of Final Fantasy X HD.

I originally only planned to buy X-2 but after finding out they’ll only be available together I decided to take the plunge, so I decided to give X a go first, and I played it about a year ago, so I was quite familiar with the story, but I think it was just enough time to want to play it again, I’ve forgotten quite a bit of the story actually which is quite nice and I’m being surprised at what I forgot, or just missed the optional interactions.

Although the game is a remaster, it’s more on the side of a re-make. new models (obviously) but more to the point, new features, new soundtrack which is amazing, new menu design and everything. The only thing that annoyed me is the horrific voice acting. But that can’t be altered unfortunately

I’ve invested 17 hours into the first game which I thought I wouldn’t, so I’m nowhere near complete. I’m just happy I’ve finally picked up my Vita again and been playing it. It wasn’t touched for quite a while.

Overall, we all know the story is top notch, and the new graphics are brilliant, there were scenes where I actually wondered if an FMV cutscene was starting or not, then felt like an idiot because it hasn’t.

Out of 10? 8.5

I wouldn’t mind doing full reviews, but I usually feel that when I write one up I can’t do the game justice, which is why you guys never saw the light of my TLoU review.

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