Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? Steam Machine from ibuypower design, Next-Gen Star Wars Game Discovered, And GTA News!

December 2, 2013

Hey guys, just to make sure I’m getting this on time I’ve been drafting this since Wednesday, just so when I get my PS4 most of it will be done so I’ll be not rushing it because I’ve been playing my PS4 :)

Here’s the Vita games I could find that have been announced this week, sadly, I couldn’t find many. But at least we have never gone a week where there’s no new games at all!

Girls and Panzer: Master, Senshadō!

Free multiplayer maps update for Killzone: Mercenary

So Many Me – If kickstarter goal is met, 12 days to go

On the blog Guerilla Cambridge announced their plans for future updates. The first of which is extremely useful, which will free up around 800mb of space from the massive 1GB day one update and also the one following that, and should be out in a few weeks.

Update 4 will be out in January will improve matching and reduce the join-game connectivity problems, this update will also add an auto team-rebalancing feature.

Update 5 will supply you with 2 free maps, along with the release of offline botzone for Mercenary and Geurilla Warfere modes.

Following this, in the first early months of 2014, a patch will be brought in to make the game support PS Vita TV. Is this a hint as to when it’ll come over to the west?

Here’s ‘the so many me’ kickstarter video:

With the launch of the PS4 this Friday in EU, Sony decided to take it’s chance at Page 3 in UK newspaper ‘The Sun’, and I burst out laughing with what I saw:

What do you think of this?


So let’s move on to the much spoken about steam machine, custom PC company ibuypower have released their design for the steam machine, and it looks pretty neat. with a light bar surrounding all of it  – here’s a picture of it:

The design is pretty simplistic, with a power on button and a beveled in steam logo on top, it’s a very nice design.

And as the basic specs of the steam machine said by Valve themselves, housing 16GB of ram and a GTX 780, will be priced at a surprising $499.

Here’s some awesome news that I know a lot of people will love, especially guest blogger Tonakai. As we all know EA acquired the rights to produce star wars games, and they’ve already made one, a mobile title named ‘Star Wars: Tiny Death Star’ but as the best way to leak a game, through job application listings at EA Canada, is requesting ‘an experienced Animation director to help define and deliver on the vision for a major new next gen open world action game’

How does this point to Star Wars you ask?  With this tweet here which reveals it’s a Star Wars game being worked on.

We already know DICE are utilising their Frostbite 3 engine to make Star Wars: Battlefront 3, of which you can see the E3 teaser trailer for it here:

So with all this Virtual Reality talk, it was inevitable that someone was going to change GTA IV to make it VR compatible, and someone finally done it. I think the guy should’ve installed some graphics mod before doing that, but this looks pretty cool.
Here’s the video:

So here’s the other part of GTA news, Rockstar have announced that they will be porting the ever so popular GTA: San Andreas, with updated visuals. I’m just waiting for them to bring it to the Vita…
Its coming to iOS and Android, and a release date will be announced in the coming weeks. I’m just waiting for GTA IV to be ported to my nexus 5 now.

Weekly Blog round-up

Here’s what we posted:

Wait, where’s Tonakai been? I’m awaiting your return! :D

Reddit Time

This week I found some right crackers, they’re awesome :)

I guess lebron didn’t want a post game interview…

In a glitch in AC IV, Edwards face was stuck like this for 15 minutes!

And here’s another glitch from Assassins Creed, it seems that their crew decided to fly from the bottom of the ocean and then the boat raised from the depths aswell.

I purchased AC Blackflag, and in all honesty I’m pretty disapointed by how glitchy it is, there’s a riculous amount of pass through, and half the time I’m not sure whether the swords should be hidden behind his cloak or not.

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