Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? The Witness On Xbox One, Steam Database Leak, And Razer’s New Project!

January 13, 2014

So besides what I’ve said in the title, we’ve got a ton of news, with rumours on the PS4 VR headset, and something a bit silly on the Call Of Duty Championship Activision host, every. single. year.

So, as per usual I’ll put the Vita news first:

Wait… what’s this? A game for the PS Vita has been announced? Yep, that’s right! and it’s known as Energy Hook and it’s being developed by the same person who made the original spiderman games, here’s the pre-alpha video of it:

This game looks promising, and the backpack/jetpack just reminds me of titanfall a tad.

The game is a timed exclusive for PS4 and PS Vita, then later to steam on Mac, Linux and obviously Windows, if you want to upvote it on greenlight here’s the link:

It’s strange, although he’s bringing the whole game to PS4/Vita first, you can access the early alpha builds with a purchase on the website.  Their website is and here’s a link to the kickstarter page.

The $40,000 mark that was reached gained them some impressive stretch goals, like a First Person mode, and Oculus Rift to accompany it too. Along with an original soundtrack by Brian Luzietti.

This game sounds like it’s shaping up to be good!

Next up we’ve got news about how Sony have released a new ‘welcome box’ which comes with a handful of content pre-loaded onto the Vita memory stick for you to get your PS Vita rockin’ and rollin’ as soon as it’s out of the box. (but you still have to watch that tedious reeaalllly long intro video)

Here’s what the memory stick comes with:

  • God Eater 2 trial version
  • Soul Sacrifice Delta trial version
  • Terraria trial version
  • Joysound.TV Plus (free to play)
  • Dragon’s Dogma Quest (free to play)
  • Power Pro Stadium (free-to-play)
  • Music Unlimited

Now wait just a Goddamn minute… (get the reference?)

This ‘welcome pack’ comes with a bunch of demos and free to play games? But then again, this is the new PCH-2000 model.

Now a bit of information on The Witness, Johnathan Blow tweeted out something interesting about an Xbox version of The Witness. This is what he tweeted:

This comes as quite a surprise to me, as we all know how displeased Johnathan Blow is with Microsoft. Maybe they sent him a free Xbox One dev kit and all was forgiven….

In the title I mentioned about a steam database leak, well it seems that someone was kind enough to take screenshot to show all the unreleased games that are in the pipelines for  release, so we all know what’s coming.

Some of the games include:

  • BattleBlock Theater
  • Killing Floor 2
  • Happy Wars
  • Pac-Man Museum
  • Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate HD
  • Half Minute Hero 2
  • Toy Soldiers Complete

The photo is very large, so here’s a link to it instead:

Next up we have Razers new project, it’s a modular PC that goes under the alias as ‘Project Christine’ it has a pretty cool design and looks awesome (like all Razer products) and also seems to make it extremely easy to swap/replace parts of the PC, and seems to make launching different OS’ extremely easy.  Here’s a few photos:

‘Add new OS’ is written on the logo on the right.

You will slot in differen’t ‘mods’ into your Christine tower, here’s an example of sections with, and without compartments filled.
Each are labbeled,here’s a table listing what they say, but the right side I had trouble reading so I couldn’t get some on here.

    Left     Right
GPU 01 ?
GPU 02
GPU 03 SSD 01
Front U
Rear IO Audio
PSU / Water Cooling Not Labeled

I’m not sure if this thing will take off, but modular PC’s are a very new thing so maybe it will, I don’t want to be proven wrong though purely because of the pricing involved with Project Christine, 2 SSD’s, and can someone explain (if possible) why there’s 3 GPU slots?

It certainly looks sexy though, and when my pockets are deeper than my hands can reach maybe I’ll get one. But untill then, just like the Nvidia shield, it’s staying on the shelf/internet warehouse.

Their other new product however, I really want, it’s a wristband that connects with your phone to notify you when you get a text, when someones calling you and all the other cool stuff. here’s their promo video, it’s called the Razer Nabu

Now the news about Activisions CoD championships, this year, only Xbox owners are allowed to qualify for the contest. I’m sure everyone here is upset about that, but here’s the reasoning behind it.

Activision and Microsoft has partnered for this competition and Xbox will be ‘presenting’ the competition, so therefore, only Xbox owners may qualify due to them only using Xbox consoles to play on. This surprised me, but thinking about it it’s no surprise being as the Xbox One released a month and a bit ago and they are still most likely struggling for stock, so the contest will play out on Xbox 360.

For all those PlayStation fans upset at the fact you can’t apply, here’s a video of a CoD player who named himself ‘Xbox sign out’, he goes around annoying his team mates and when they shout his name…. well….

Weekly Blog Round-up

So this week I was back with a bang! Well mainly because CES showed up, but I definitely wrote a fair few blogs, happy to see me back? I’ll try to keep it up, but I cant promise anything unfortunately, as much as I’d love to. It depends on all the news an if I can think of a nice blog that you might like to read.

Anyway, here’s what the team put out this week:

That’s good, 1 a day, something fresh everyday for you to read :)

Reddit Time

Boy is this week good! (I know I say it every week, but work with me…)
Here’s what Yoshi looks like if you take his nose off:

Now these may not be related to gaming, but they made me laugh like hell.

I felt so guilty for laughing at this one…

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