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March 10, 2014

Hi! This weeks news involves whats listed in the title, as long as, yet again the inFamous info like story time, and a bit on destruction and also the button layout, along with some new PS Vita games. Enjoy!


Ps Vita Games

There were a few announced this week, along with a release date for FEZ. Here they are:


Galak Z

Foul Play (PS4 as well)

Cel Damage (PS4, PS3 as well)

Forma 8

Fez Release date: 26th march

On the news of game announcements, the next installment of the Batman: Arkham series has been revealed, and announced with a release date, and a description of the pre-order bonus for Walmart and Gamestop.

Here’s the pretty-looking trailer that was released:

As you saw at the end of the trailer it says ‘coming 2014′ but gamestop has put an image up on their website which actually reveals the date:

As you can see, it only lists PS4 and Xb1 and PC in the photo, so it may confirm that this is for the new consoles and PC only, which is a shame but good in a way, as fans of the series who don’t already have the new consoles will get it, and it’ll look alot better than what it would be if it has to be ported to the ps3/360. It’s just a shame that the Wii U is missing out….. again.

So, it’s finally here  folks, a release date for Watch_Dogs! It’s confirmed to be on May 27th, and this was announced through a new video explaining the story a bit more:

I can see that the hype for this game has pretty much vanished, it’s up to Ubisoft to drive the hype train again and… maybe… give us something in return for the delay, like an extra weapon or activity, much like what Rayman Origins did when it was delayed a whole year to port to other platforms.

More news on the game, is that we’ve got the resolutions of the game.

PS4: 1080p/30fps

Xbox: 960p/30fps

PC: Up to 4k/ various fr

I remember reading an article about why the framerate is  30fps, rather than 60fps and it’s because in an interview, the director of the game said ‘the most important thing is steadiness’ – At the time of the interview, he wasn’t sure what the resolution is going to be on the consoles (or he just wasn’t saying).

So now we’ve got Watch_Dog’s release date, it’s Driveclub’s turn now….

Wait, what’s this?

A removed twitter post, captured by a PSNation user shows the release date of the delayed game Driveclub. Here’s the image:

Depending on what date format they’re going for, it could either be in September or April, hopefully April, but delays can be bitches.

Personally I can’t wait for the game, and depending on how limited the PS Plus version is, I might get it. It’s another game for my PS4 either way, so I’m not going to complain!

The Deception IV: Blood Ties box art was announced, and along with it… a change of the whole PS3 box art design itself, it’s been changed to coincide with PS4 and the PS Vita box design as you can see below.

I think it looks nicer, and although it’ll make me happy all 3 console box designs are similar, it’ll only annoy my OCD when you’ve got the original one, then the one at the moment, and now this next to eachother.

What do you guys think of this design, like it? dislike it? Let me hear your opinion on the re-designed version!

There’s been some new news on inFamous, it seems that this game is in every week, but we hardly know anything about it still. it’s just been the same information or the same scenes again with rinse&repeat, but this is a bit different!

During a livestream with the co-founder of Suckerpunch, Chris Zimmerman. It was revealed that the story length is around 10-12 hours, let’s give it another 5-10 hours for the collectibles/having fun, and evil/nice powers, so it may warrant a second playthrough. So in total it’ll add up to be 34-44 hours, not bad atall!

More details were brought out of him, like the fact that there was a ‘steel’ power, which has been discarded. The power seems a bit strange and reminds me of Terminator 2, and it’ll also be a bit weird if you still take damage from bullets, when you’re essentially a walking bit of steel, and the fact that ‘draining’? it would be a bit weird, seeing a car bumper/roof or a street lamp drain into you and disappear. I can’t wait to see the other powers though!

Something else we found out from the livestream was how destruction is permanent. So that dinosaur you saw being destroyed in the E3 demo, will stay like that for the whole playthrough, which is pretty impressive. It would be interesting however to see a cleanup team take whatever statue you destroye and then putting up a new one…. that’d be pretty cool.

I’ve been blogging for a year!

Damn, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? I’ve had insults, compliments, but who’s my favourite commenter? Electric Penis of course! Where’ve you been?

It’s been awesome having people read my blogs and getting feedback in the comments, it’s always nice getting a compliment. No blogger will admit that but it does make you smile when they say something nice. Hopefully, after 52 weeks of doing it, I’ve improved a bit. Here’s my first blog:

Here’s my worst blog (my opinion):

My favourite?

I really enjoyed doing the Trololo talks series, that was fun, and I’ve tried my best to keep these weekly blogs up but I’m sure you can understand if I miss one, and, well, you’re reading my latest (for the moment)

As always, if there’s anything I can improve on, sound off below, and I’ll take it on board!

Weekly blog round-up

Nice, there’s plenty of blogs there for you lot to read!

Reddit Time

So here’s a couple of the funniest things I’ve seen while browsing reddit, it may not be gaming related but it made me laugh!

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