Minimur12, WTH Happened This Week? MGS V Next Gen Comparison, Upcoming PS4 Game Reveals Leaked, And Cranky Kong Takes Over Twitter!

February 24, 2014

Hey, there’s plenty of entertaining news for you to lay your eyes on this week. including news about Gran Turismo 7, Driveclub, oh, and apparently the FF 7 HD Remake is happening!

italkgame mentioned this earlier today in his Borderlands article, but in case you missed it: there’s been a comparison between the PC and PS Vita version of Borderlands 2, and I’ll let the photo do the talking, but it’s no doubt what the outcome will be anyway:

Even so, it still looks good for a game on a screen with a 950×544 resolution, in any case, I won’t be picking it up being as I got it or free on PS Plus, and couldn’t really get into it to be honest. But anyway, will you be picking it up?

Next up, is something Konami have put out their website comparing each console, next gen and current, so here it is:

This is one of the many games that also joins the resolution gate group, it’s 1080p/60FPS on PS4, and 720p/60fps on Xbox One, along with the usual 720/30 on PS3 and 360.

There’s no denying though, it looks great on all consoles, so even though the PS4 version is a bit better, it’s not worth kicking up a fuss about it.

So, here comes news from the one and only Ashad Rasheed/ AKA Thuway, he’s been in the spotlight recently because of his Sony leaks, and he hasn’t been short of them that’s for sure.

Here’s a few of his tweets:

The Last Guardian?!?

So judging by Thuway, he suspects that there’s going to be a GT7 prologue, along with the re-introduction of The Last Guardian… and I wonder why Uncharted 4 is on there twice…. will there be a PS3 version as well, I’m not sure, but in any case, I’m pretty excited about the game, who isn’t ?!?

So let’s talk about Cranky Kong taking over twitter, well he was given the reigns of Nintendo of America’s twitter account and after  few fumbles, he now knows how to make memes, knows how to tweet, and everything! I’m so proud!

This was the outcome:

‘I am up to date with the hottest internet trends’ His accompanying tweet reads

And we finally get there!   Take a look at the other tweets Cranky sent out on their twitter page here. Some of them game me a giggle :)

Let’s talk about the much wanted Final Fantasy 7 re-make, according to Verendus, NeoGaffer who is supposedly very trustworthy, so much so that when an article was put up mentioning the FF 7 game director commenting on it, a commenter said ‘where’s Verendus? ‘ Verendus replied with this:

It’s happening. He’s obviously not going to give any indication as such though so it hardly matters until they’re ready to announce something. His comments make sense. It’s a huge project that will take a lot of effort, and demand a lot from him personally, in order to ensure the end result is something satisfactory.

It’s happening.    I’s no surprise that they’re not ready to announce it, It will be a very long time before we hear anything about it anyway being as for this game, you can’t simply update the models, the majority of assets will need to be completely re-done, and knowing Square Enix they’ll definitely want to play around with the soundtrack, like they did in FF X|X-2 HD remaster.   But still, I can’t wait to hear more about this, and will keep my ear/eyes out for anything more of this and keep you lot updated!

Oh my goodness, what’s this? Even more inFamous Second Son footage?  Yep. but this time it’s night-time, and the neon colour when it’s dark looks absolutely beautiful!

You can watch a higher quality version of the video here, but I put the above in for the lazy :)

We’ve also got a new Deep Down trailer, I’d like to know when this game is coming out, if anyone has heard a rumor about  what quarter and what year, it would be much appreciated!

Tony Hawk has also announced that he’s got a new game in the works, while talking about the original games on his radio show, he said ‘We’re working on a game, we are working on a game, it’s pretty cool.’

After which, his co-host, referring to motion capture said ‘It’s a whole suit you have to put on.’ Judging by the latter comment I really hope this isn’t something you have to put on, and was talking about Tony Hawk doing mo-cap for the game, everyone knows, peripherals that you need to play a game for, like Band hero or even the previous Tony Hawk games, where you had to have a skateboard to play, are a joke.

I want an original, controller only, Tony Hawks game :)

 Weekly blog round-up

We had plenty of blogs up for you to read this week, from The Orders breathtaking cinematic gameplay, to a giveaway of game exploits.

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