Minimur’s Weekly News Summary: The CryEngine, Sly Cooper On Vita & More!

April 21, 2013

If you’re wondering what this is all about, it is yet another article series from yours truly. :) It is for those who have been living under a rock for the past week, this is the recent news in gaming, tech, and everything else in the past week!

I’ll start with Vita news, that’s the part you want to know first, right?

As you should know, Jak and Daxter collection (1,2,3) has been officially confirmed and is being released in June! Now although it was officially announced, it was found on the ESRB rating site quite a while ago.
But what else is interesting, fresh from the announcement of the Jak & Daxter collection is that a Sly Cooper collection has been spotted on the ESRB website aswell. I remember having the games on my PS2. Love them so much!

Here is the trailer for the PS3 trilogy:

Now I don’t want to shock you or anything, so prepare yourself.
FIFA 14 has been announced. Shocker! I agree that it isn’t really worth to be on here, but for those FIFA fans out there that weren’t aware that it has been announced, here’s a good article to read if you want to know more about the game.

What’s next……

Monster Hunter is going online! It will be a free-to-play online MMO. It was originally planned just to be released in Japan but Crytek announced recently that it “will be developed for the international market” (being localised) Monster Hunter is running on  CryEngine 3. This may only a little bit of news, but you know how I love my game engines. Let’s see what it looks like, shall we?


It’s Raining Money!

The legendary dev’s who made the tech demo for the PS4, Quantic Dream, have recently announced that the tear-jerking Heavy Rain cost €16 Million to make. Alot I know, but they also said that they got back an amazing €100 Million :o

Their latest game, Beyond: Two Souls looks great. Taking chances pays off when you are a talented company like them. Will you be getting Beyond: Two Souls?
I am. :D

Here is a fan made trailer for Heavy Rain,  I found the official one a tiny bit innapropriate. This one is a very well made though.

Now, you can’t tell me off for this being as it isn’t on there yet. In may this will become a kickstarter project, I found out about it while on It is a game that has a great Final Fantasy 7 vibe to it, here’s the video of it here. Tell me what you think of it!

Like it?

Something else engine based (ish) now, co-founder of the unity engine Nicholas Francis has left the company and decided to start up his own games company named ‘Framebunker’.
Seriously? Couldn’t think of a better name?
Anyway, it’s pretty obvious they’ll use the Unity engine, and you know what that means. Mobile games. Their first game they will be making is Static Sky, it’s a game aimed at tablet gamers and set in a cyber-punk world.

A new horror game, a little bit like Slender, simply called Eyes. Instead of pages, bags of cash (because you just leave bags of cash around). Instead of a forest, a mansion. Instead of Slenderman……….. A floating head.
It runs on the unity engine and you can either play it online, or download it. Want to scare yourself? Click here.

Reminds me of my ex.

Now here’s the Wololo blog recap of the week, the news that stands out on the blog.

The Cold Truth: PS Vita Sold Less in 1 Year The PSP in 1 Month – Wololo tells us how well the Vita isn’t selling.

PS Vita Hack: (Video) VHBL (still) running on firmware 2.11 -Yay!

Lower PS Vita Firmwares for Dummies -Jd8531 helps you out if you’re on a lower firmware and you are in despair.

Apache Overkill returns to the PSN! - Wololo lets us know that the most recent exploit game is back on the store.

Release: TN-V v3  -  :)

Next week there will be better news, obviously……. maybe……. possibly………. hopefully.

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