MiralaTijera Gives Us OtherOS++ And QA Flag on 4.31

January 30, 2013

The OtherOS function has certainly been a controversial one in PS3 history. While the option was available for systems at launch, security concerns forced Sony to remove the option to install Linux in April of 2010. Since then, our scene has thrived on the ability to unlock this function on whatever CFW we see fit. Today however marks a very special day as we see the first real instance in which OtherOS++ has made its way over into the 4.XX universe.

This developer has not stopped there however, as full QA flag use seems to be functioning as well. For those that do not know, this is essentially a development mode for consoles that allows you to toggle various different aspects  that are mostly used  for those that make the games we love. These features include the ability to spoof small figures and numbers like available disc space. It should be noted that the overall changelog found at my source is in broken English and that this is a work in progress so use at your own discretion. Getting other OS working does not look to be too difficult so if you’re feeling adventurous this may be worth a try.

As I feel this may be necessary to say, this does NOT work on OFW. Those in that state will still have to rely on downgrading. Either way this is still an important development for our community.

Source / Download (4.XX) / Download (3.55)

Tags: CFW, Linux, miralatijera, OtherOS, PS3 Hacks

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