MiralaTijera Takes Advantage…CFW 4.40 for PS3 Released

March 22, 2013

The main reason why this is possible is because of the LV0 keys which were leaked several months ago. I don’t think Sony is going to be too happy about this news, but we definitely will! The PS3 has been hacked yet again and you can enjoy your CFW content on the newer firmwares. But of course we can expect that Sony will strike with a new firmware soon.  When this will happen we may not exactly know but be sure to know that the newer firmware will not have access to CFW.

Be sure to read the changelog first before you do anything stupid. Installing CFW might harm your PS3 system, and we are of course not responsible what might happen to your system or anything else. Read the changelog below:


Changelog (Translated with Google Translate):

original here!

  • sys_init_osd (special LEED)
  • lv1 peek / poke
  • lv2 peek / poke
  • Syscon patched hash
  • nas_plugin patched (install pkg’s)
  • explore_plugin patched (Original Install Package Files)
  • appldr, lv2 hash
  • appldr, ECDSA
  • isoldr, ECDSA
  • spu_pkg_rvk_verifier, ECDSA
  • spu_token_processor, ECDSA

Functional QA flag:-D

You can reinstall the cfw on itself and can be installed from 4.31 miralatijera, and theoretically from any cfw (mine only confirmed)


  • 3.0.1 Core integrated (instalad nosearch the flag for the problem of synchronization of the controls / dev_usb000/flags/nosearch)
  • sys_init_osd longer exists, is completely replaced by CORE
  • Led always green (for now)

bugs: no controller BDEMU nonfunctional nonfunctional otheros

Iris Manager 2.22 with 4.40 payload included and ported to this release the sources I give them to estwald to upload it to the git

link all this:

Private Paste – Pastie

THIS USAD IRIS, fix a few bugs: irisManager 2.22 bugfixed.pkg

The creation process is identical to the previous cfw cfw created by me …

morning or this afternoon I update the core to add bdemu without controller and the rest remains to carry the core ;-)


Download: CFW 4.40 MiralaTijera

Source: PSX-Scene , elotrolado

Tags: CFW, miralatijera, PS3 Hacks

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