Missed the Urbanix exploit? TN has something big coming for you

October 7, 2012

In the past 9 months, we have released 4 user mode exploits on this site, by letting our forum’s members know about them first, then making public announcements. This has been reasonably successful, and people who know where to look have been usually rewarded by knowing the name of the exploited game long enough in advance.

Some people still haven’t figured that out. One typical uneducated comment I can see here or on other scene websites, when we do the public announcement, is “why do you guys announce it publicly, now Sony will patch it and nobody will get the exploit in time”. Well, for those who didn’t get it yet, we announce the exploit publicly days after members of our community have known about it. This way we guarantee that people who are really interested in homebrew on their vita actually get a good chance to get the game.

The rules slightly changed with the Urbanix exploit, as the exploit for this specific game was leaked. We did try to organize a Ninja release around this leak, but we had to give up when Total_Noob released his own eCFW for that game, and Sony took the game away within hours. As a result, many people missed the chance.

But Total_Noob announced something big today on PSPKing: his upcoming update of CEF TN will bring “another chance” for people who missed the Urbanix exploit, and this will happen on Tuesday. In other words, if you missed the Urbanix exploit, there’s another game exploit coming for you soon.

Of course, if you’re actually waiting for Tuesday to get the name of the game, you are probably missing the point of my article. And by the time you actually get the information (on a related note, believe strangers at your own risk!), it will be a matter of hours, not days, for you to take the decision and buy the game or not. Not only will the game be removed from the store as soon as the announcement is public, there is the additional risk that the kernel exploit actually gets patched with an upcoming firmware.

For people who are on the Monster Hunter exploit or other previous exploits that were used in VHBL, Total_Noob told me recently his upcoming update CEF TN B will make it much easier to port his work to existing game exploits. At this point, I cannot really say if it is better for you to stay on your current exploit, or if you’d rather download the new game. In any case if you have one of those previous exploits, do not update until you actually know what the new game is.

Even more details here.

Source: Total_Noob via The Z

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