mmCM v04.03.03 Update Released

June 8, 2012

Looks like there are more updates and changes from the revamped mmCM. The new update brings a plethora of bug fixes with initial release which can be outlined below. Below included are the updates from v.02 and .03:

  • Extended desktop content to 48 icons (6 system and 42 user defined); system icons cannot be moved/renamed/deleted
  • Added ability to arrange desktop icons – press L3 over an icon to move it to a free placeholder and then press L3 to place it
  • Fixed issue with playing/loading 2GB+ files with Showtime from /net_host or NTFS USB HDD (file wrongly cached to /dev_hdd1 when there isn’t enough space there)
  • Fixed issue when USB.CFG is not present in USRDIR – now warning is issued when user enables PFS mode
  • Fixed loading of last open folders in mmOS – now /pvd_usb* folders from NTFS drives are not reloaded
  • Fixed rare issue causing mmOS to lock/stall when browsing /ps3_home subfolders
  • Added “Reset Desktop” option to mmOS home menu (resets icons positions and closes all windows)
  • Added “Set as Wallpaper” / “Restore Wallpaper” to mmOS context menu when single image (jpg/png) is selected; affects all display modes
  • Added better visualization when moving icons around the desktop with L3 (Windows alike)
  • Changed visualization of selected/hovered desktop icons (a bit slicker)

[Download] [VIA PS3Crunch]

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