mmCM v4.04.01 Released

June 23, 2012

Another update to mmCM today. The latest version brings us support for REBUG and 3.41 users. Various other updates/big fixes follow in this update:

Correction by deank:

It only adds support for these firmwares for the “BD-Mirror” option which now allows to play some games from internal HDD, whereas it was impossible before.

* Added support for desktop shortcuts to games:
– Name of the game, Icon of the game used for the shortcut created to game’s EBOOT.BIN

* Added background image for game folders (PIC1.PNG used if present)

* Added “Open Location” in context menu [O] for shortcuts

* Added path information when deleting games from internal/external HDD

* Added feature to keep desktop icons when shortcuts are renamed

* Added support for multiple shortcuts to files/folders with the same name (Windows alike – adding (1), (2)… (64) to the shortcut name)

* Added support for REBUG 3.55.2 and OFW/MFW 3.41 to the “BD-Mirror” option for (BSG) game backups in internal HDD

* Updated bdRESET to version 2.2 (to reset BD-Mirror state for internal HDD)

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