mmOS Goes Live Today!

June 1, 2012

It’s been some time now since we last posted about mmOS but it has finally been released and I can bet you can’t wait to find out what’s new.

Deank has now released his latest version of multiMAN affectionately being referred to as mmOS due to its sleek new look. Ok well the truth of it is that it’s not all getting a redesign, just the file manager is now made to resemble the desktop format we are all used to.  So what else has been changed in this version?  Well one major thing has been added, one that I think has been a long time coming by the way, DVD disk and folder support in conjunction with Showtime Mediacenter and the ability to to override SBS/TB for .avi3d files.  If you know what that even is.  Anyway the downloads are available below as well as the full change log.  You should know though, that there are two versions of the latest version of multiMAN, the base (24MB) and the Full version (294MB) so pick your version and start downloading it may take a bit.


Base / Full

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