Monster Hunter still available on the store, it’s still time to grab a copy and run VHBL

September 14, 2012

Almost a week ago, we announced the game of the new series of games used to run VHBL on the Playstation Vita. Monster hunter Freedom Unite (a.k.a Monster Hunter Portable 2ndG in Japan), Monster hunter Freedom 2, and Monster hunter Portable Tri. In our previous VHBL releases, Sony had reacted quickly by pulling the exploited games within 48h of the public announcement. This time, Monster hunter Freedom Unite has been pulled from the European stores, but as I type this, Monster hunter Freedom 2 is still there. In the US and in Japan, nothing has been touched, and the vulnerable games are still available.

I won’t dig into my personal thoughts as to why Sony hasn’t removed these games from their stores yet, guest blogger m.rr goes into a few details on his own opinion in this article, and you can share your own thoughts in the comments of his article.

What I want to say however is that I’ve had confirmation by many trusted sources that all the games that are currently available on Sony’s stores (Monster Hunter Freedom Unite in the US, Monster Hunter Freedom 2 in Europe, Monster Hunter portable 2ndG and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd in Japan) are still vulnerable and can still run VHBL on firmware 1.80 (this is expected. Historically, Sony do not patch the games, but the firmwares).

So if you thought you missed the Ninja release, well it’s not the case. You can still grab one of these games and enjoy (besides Monster Hunter itself) emulators and homebrews with VHBL. don’t miss the opportunity, who knows when the next VHBL release will be?

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