More Advanced AI Coming To PS4, Courtesy of Xaitment

March 8, 2013

An AI software company known as Xaitment have announced that they will be backing the Playstation 4. Developers working on future games, have their permission to access their software and implement it in their games.This will hopefully help create smarter in game characters, that can make better and more rational decisions, that have. Hopefully AI will be alot more fun and challenging to play against.

Games as a standard will increase anyway due to the PS4′s mammoth specs, like its eight x86-64 cores, and the 8GB GDDR5 URAM (got it this time! ;) )  These resources allow game developers  to make alot smarter characters, with better behaviour when in groups and generally on their own.

When they said they will be backing the Playstation 4, Mike Walsh, CEO of Xaitment said:

We are naturally ecstatic that Sony Computer Entertainment has announced PlayStation 4. It represents such a massive leap in technology, which will have a huge effect on every aspect of a game, including AI, No longer will developers need to make hard decisions about whether to increase graphic fidelity or add in more AI. With PlayStation®4, games can now have outstanding graphics and more lifelike AI, which in turn will only drive up the realism of the gaming experience.

I’m so glad that a dedicated company will be supplying their software for it, one thing that can break games in my opinion can be the AI. With games like The Elder Scrolls, AI is a big feature and when a company screw it up it is really annoying, and also stealth games, they’re a bitch when AI is poor. Hopefully this will all change

This is obviously not the only awesome bit of tech that will be utilized on Sony’s new console, with things like Unreal Engine 4, FaceFX which is a piece of software for creating…. FX for Faces[image], and also Enlighten which is another dedicated company, but specialise in lighting effects. more here.

This is extremely good news because hopefully it will mean it will reduce the development time of games, but still be as awesome quality as the standard PS3 game.

Let’s hope we see AI dancing like this in games!

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