More Fake True Blue Dongles Going Out

April 5, 2012

It looks as if True Blue isn’t out of the waters yet. More fake dongles are being produced, even after True Blue revealed their anti clone technology. Now, these aren’t your everday cloned dongles so you want to make note of this even if you are looking to buy a legit True Blue dongle.

The fake dongles are originating from China and from the outside, they look similar to a real dongle. However, when you take it apart, you can see the differences that are present. Take a look at the comparison picture below:

As you can see, the clone features a PCB that’s smaller, a different color, does not have a cyrstal oscillator and does not use a PCB that’s based from the Actel FPGA. More importantly, the fake dongle cannot be used with the True Blue custom firmware nor can it use any of the individual dongle firmwares.

The True Blue team noted that this fake seems to be based from the JB2USB clone so it is likely that this one will be sold by resellers that also sold the JB2USB. If you plan to grab yourself an original True Blue dongle, make sure you are getting it from official resellers.

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