More & More Updates: PKG Toolkit GUI v1.40

November 12, 2012

PKG Toolkit GUI is joining the update frenzy as well. $n!pR has updated his application that is a GUI for the signing tools released by geohot a while back. At the moment, the application can decrypt PKG and SELF files as well as build them back. In addition, the GUI has support for all three major custom firmware versions. With version 1.40, there are even more features that are being added to increase the versatility of the application.


  • Added AllUnpkg tool.
  • Can now decrypt retail and debug packages.
  • Option of creating debug or retail packages.
  • Changed how log output is handled.
  • Autodetect Title ID of PKG.

If you haven’t found the latest update of PKG Toolkit GUI to download, you can find it below. A readme is included with the download to guide you with the usage of the application. More information can be found in the release thread over at PS3Hax.

Download: PKG Toolkit GUI v1.40

Source: PS3Hax

Tags: $n!pr, pkg toolkit gui, PlayStation 3, PS3

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