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June 8, 2012

New updates for multiMAN have been flowing in. There’s so many updates, that we can’t keep up with them. The latest version, 04.03.03, was released yesterday and it features the usual load of fixes and adjustments.

As you may have guessed, the majority of the changes are for the newly introduced file manager redesign dubbed mmOS. Take a look at the changelog:

  • Extended desktop content to 48 icons (6 system and 42 user defined); system icons cannot be moved/renamed/deleted
  • Added ability to arrange desktop icons – press L3 over an icon to move it to a free placeholder and then press L3 to place it
  • Fixed issue with playing/loading 2GB+ files with Showtime from /net_host or NTFS USB HDD (file wrongly cached to /dev_hdd1 when there isn’t enough space there)
  • Fixed issue when USB.CFG is not present in USRDIR – now warning is issued when user enables PFS mode
  • Fixed loading of last open folders in mmOS – now /pvd_usb* folders from NTFS drives are not reloaded

You can grab the latest update, if a newer version doesn’t get released, from below.

Source: Cobra USB

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