More news from E3 Team: Dual boot DEX 3.55 to CEX 3.55 and CEX to DEX conversion via switch

July 25, 2012

More news from the E3 team (mainly related to their E3 Flasher). They told us that the E3 flasher first off is able to downgrade to OFW 4.21 without any problems. In addition they tested the flasher and confirms it will successfully dual boot 3.55 DEX to CEX with no issues. They promise a simple DEX to CEX and vice versa solution via switch (for E3 Flasher users) very soon (for free).

And in unrelated news they also told us that there is more good news on its way, and more free EBOOT releases.

To quote:

1: E3 Flasher downgrade and dual boot 4.21 OFW successfully . We also successfully dual boot DEX3.55-CEX3.55 . We are studying other dual boot way like DEX4.2-CEX4.21, DEX4.2-CEX3.55 which can help E3 flasher user enjoy more function .

2: We are developing one key switch function for E3 flasher user. User convert DEX to CEX and CEX to DEX very easy ,just like our one key downgrade way.
We will release it free for E3 flasher user when complete.

3: We will release a great news for all PS3 user in next few days, and also with lots of free new game EBOOT .

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