More News Of The Upcoming PS3 Model

September 15, 2012

It’s been a while since we heard anything of the upcoming PS3 model. The end to that hasn’t arrived fortunately, which means that Sony is moving closer to pushing for a release. A German retailer has posted and confirmed that the new PS3 model coming down the tube will be released next month. The PS3 model in question will take on a design that is similar to that shown in the pictures that were leaked earlier in the year. Not only that, the model to be released will feature just only 12GB of memory.

Sony has not confirmed anything about this particular model or any newly designed model being released sometime in the future. However, as the previously leaked documents show, there is definitely a new model on the way. When exactly will it come? As with anything else, only time will tell this one. Think Sony will be gearing for something new for the holiday season?

Source: Gamereactor

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