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September 10, 2012

Here is an update to the previous article regarding scene release group NODRM. A few hours ago he tweeted something that might get everyone excited.  If you think his releases were coming in fast… think again. In his tweet he explains that currently his releases were a bit slow but after SSX the “dam is about to burst”.

To Quote: NODRM

The last few days (aside from SSX) were pretty slow … or so you thought … prepare yourselves for a deluge, the dam is about to burst!

Here are some releases in the last two hours of writing.


So keep your eyes open for an influx of game patches from this defiant anti DRM group.

In case you have maybe missed some of the other releases by NODRM. Here is another article with a more extensive list.

Thanks NODRM for your dedication to the PS3 scene!

Source: psx-scene

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