More PS2Classic Progress! PS2Classic Final With Source Code Released.

March 25, 2013

Keeping with the progression of user made PS2Classic’s that we have been seeing thanks in large part to the work of Flatz and many other developers out there, PS3 developer IngPereira has released his PS2Classic Final version.  This comes along with his source code to allow other developers to improve on his work and give CFW users PS2 compatibility.  Have a read of the translated change log below for the full list of changes and a brief explanation of how to use his tool.

Good friends here I leave the last revision PS2Classic with the new changes and additions by me with the help of Flatz and aldo.


PS2Classic Final Changelog:
•    ISO9660 Check
•    LIMG Support (Check / Creation)
•    VMC Decryption / Encryption fixed with the help of flatz by making new py script to rehash stuff so i can port it and now without. the need to use a root key to encrypt or decrypt your vmc’s, thanks to aldo too by helping me in the process.
•    Now you see the progress being maded by decryption or encryption, so is more easy to wait.


Ripping or modification of any PS2 game

1. Crack the ps2classic ISO.BIN.ENC with great command line or GUI aldo.
2. Expert Runs 1.03 and continues to work the following order:
•    Extract LBA
•    Extract files (It will extract every file from the game in a folder with the iso name)

Now you can make your changes to the game(But obviusly you cannot just delete stuff because the LBA has an order you need to make some dummy file and rename it to the file you want to delete for example), you can mod everything too if the game have some modding tools for sure like gta sa, vc, etc.
•    Rebuild files (Now it will make a ISO with the game folder extracted previusly modified)
•    Rebuild LBA

3. Just encrypt that Game ISO modified with new tools like this new ps2classic command line tool or with new Aldo gui Ps2classic tool with new changes (Because this tools will now remake the LIMG section too). Now use the new ISO.BIN.ENC on the PS3 and check your changes.


Download / PS2Classic Source

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