More PS3 Game Patches To Suit Your Fancy

July 10, 2012

It seems like a back and forth thing between these two topics in the PS3 scene. If it’s not something relating to the production or operation of a dongle, it’s related to PS3 game patches. Well the news is on the latter side of the seesaw as more game patches have been released.

PropJOE & Friend has released game patches for Payday: The Heist, Arcana Heart 3 and Malicious. Although they aren’t “one size fits all”, they still get the job done. For the first two games on the list, the game patches are for the North American version of the game while the Japanese version of Malicious gets the patch. In order for these patches to work, you will need the PSN version of the games.

PropJOE & Friend isn’t the only one providing you with game patch related news. A collection of the currently released PSN game patches have been uploaded. The collection currently covers 185 games and is expected to grow, without a doubt. If you have any lying around that need patching, you can try searching through this to see if there has been a release for that particular game.

Hopefully, the news can stay on this end of the spectrum. New game patches are always a welcome addition.

Download: PSN Game Patches Collection

Source: PSX-Scene (1|2)

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