More Updates Coming Down The Tube For XMBPC

June 6, 2013

SvenGDK has been quite busy since the 0.9.5 release of XMBPC, which added the network functionalities to the application. Since then, new versions have been released packing hotfixes. At the moment, the latest version is, so let’s take a look at what’s changed since then.

  • XMBPC Network optimizations & stability improvements


  • Commandline Switches (/default ; /about ; /xbox) (Via cmd or XMBPC Toolbox GUI)

    • /default will start XMBPC directly without setup with default values (MediaPaths = Desktop ; Language = English ; Username = PC Username ; Games = None)
    • /about shows a messagebox about XMBPC
    • /xbox will skip the “Press the PS button to continue” on the setup and lets you use XMBPC with a XBOX controller
  • Setup optimized
  • Some crash fixes


  • HOTFIX: XMBPC now boots up with any selected language (Only English worked)

If you have XMBPC installed already, just use the System Update function to obtian the latest version. If you are downloading XMBPC for the first time, install version 0.9.5 first, then use the System Update function for the latest version.

Download: XMBPC 0.9.5 | PS3 Controller Drivers

Source: @SvenGDK | PS3Hax Development Thread

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