Mortal Kombat VS DC Texture MOD By Futuretime23

April 24, 2013

PlayStation 3 game modder futuretime23 has released a type of mod for Mortal Kombat vs DC. Using a script created by digitaloverdose, which converts texture2d files to DDS, allows you to edit the files in Photoshop. The trick comes when you want to convert the DDS back. Below you will find an extract from the source, but be sure to read the full article to get all the info needed.

A Quote from the developer:


Hello, I have brought you a new type of mod for mk vs dc: texture mods.
As you may already know, texture mods are a big part of mk9 modding, so it’s natural that mk vs dc was going to get the same treatment…..somewhat.

Good old digitaloverdose left us his very handy script for quickbms, which allows you to convert the texture2d files to dds (use the dxt5 or dxt1,there’s no way of telling, so you need to do it, ALWAYS type all when it asks you, and check the dds, if it doesnt load, try the other dxt), so you can easily edit them with photoshop, but there’s a problem: how do you convert it back to texture2d?

How do you put it in the xxx file?

Well, the solution is quite si-ok, screw it, it’s quite involved, it’s not hard (thank god for the paste write command in HxD!!), what you have to do, is, with the decompressed xxx file, you search the texture name (say, subzero_diff) inside, until you find it with .tga assigned to it: that’s the texture info.

You can read the rest from the source linked below.


Downloads: MK vs DC Texture Mods | texture2d2DDS (password = mkvsdc)


Source: psx-scene

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