Mugen Souls On The Check In For The US & EUR

September 24, 2012

If you can recall, team N0DRM released a patch for Mugen Souls. However, that was for the Japanese version of the game so you were out of luck if you didn’t have that version of the game in your collection or you weren’t competent at reading Japanese. If you still are considering on learning, there’s no need to anymore as a patch for both the US and European version of the game is available. The patch works with DUPLEX’s release of Mugen Souls and on both the 3.41 and 3.55 custom firmwares.

The only caveats on using the patch is that it is a hybrid patch of sorts and not everything is 100% translated from Japanese to English. They say that the trophies and little bits throughout the game aren’t translated but that shouldn’t be much of a big deal if you aren’t playing for a Platinum trophy. Even if, there’s tons of trophy guides available out there. You can pick up the patch from below.

Download: Mugen Souls 3.41/3.55 US/EUR Patch

Source: PS3sos

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