multiMAN 04.05.05 DEX – No Need For ProDG

September 9, 2012

Remember the days when we were restricted to only four games? It’s development like this that makes a scene progress so that us end users get the best out of our PlayStation 3 consoles.

Please note that due to the DEX OS a active LAN connection is required.

To Quote:

  • Added support for selecting and activating up to 10 games from BDEMU USB HDD within multiMAN
  • NO NEED for PC+PRODG to use the local BDEMU switching function. A wired (local or Internet) LAN connection is required and ProDG MUST NOT be connected. 
  • Use ProDG if you are using Aldo’s mmDM 02.01.01.
  • Press / while [* Refresh] is selected in Game column to access BDEMU slots
  • Retained support for mmDM 02.01.01 (Aldo’s DEX Game Mounter)

In other related news. Developer Aldostools has updated mmDM with the following bug fix.

mmDM 02.01.01:

It should fix the issue regarding “EBOOT.BIN could not be converted to FSELF. ERROR: EBOOT.ELF is not ELF File.”

Download: multiMAN 04.05.05 (DEX Consoles Only)

Download: mmDM 02.01.01

News Source: ps3crunch via psx-scene

Tags: aldostools, dex, mmdm, PS3 Hacks

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