MultiMAN 04.06.00 and 4.21 CFW On the Way?

September 26, 2012

For those of you that have been sleeping under a rock lately, MultiMAN has become an absolute standard for users of the PS3 hacking community, with its many different display modes and methods for launching our favorite game titles, no self-respecting CFW user could be caught dead without this little addition on their system. In celebration of their two years of existence, there will be an upcoming release of the program to bring it up to version 04.06.00. Among the host of fixes in this update, support for the Red Power firmware is indeed part of it. There will also be a “standard” BD emulator option alongside a region changer as well.

In terms of the 4.21 CFW, Deank also took the time to dispell a few erroneous misconceptions as well. For those of you that believed you will need some kind of dongle to run the updated software, apparently you are totally mistaken. This should be good news for those looking to make the jump from 3.55 as seamlessly as possible. In cases such as this where the particular firmware has not gone public yet, we urge our community to beware of fakes that could cause harm to your computers or your consoles. In the meantime, we shall wait and get ourselves completely psyched for the amazing future that is to come.


Tags: CFW, deank, multiMAN, PS3 Hacks, red power 4.21

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