multiMAN 04.10.00 With Broken BD Support

November 4, 2012

PlayStation 3 developer Deank has yet another update to his multifunctional PlayStation 3 backup manager multiMAN. Version 04.10.00 brings support for those with a broken Blu-Ray drive. However, in order to use this, one needs a jailbroken PS3 running Rebug 4.21 REX custom firmware while using DEX mode. Additional support includes PS1 disc backups, direct disc access, flashing 256MB NAND *.EID0.NANDBIN backups. Included in the download are the following tools. Rebug Toolbox 02.00.00, C2D, Openssl and DUMMY_BDEMU.rar


multiMAN 04.10.00: 

  • Added full support for 4.21REX (REBUG) firmware
  • Added support for 4.21REX in DEX full mode (DEX flash + DEX lv2 kernel)
  • Added support for PS1 disc backups for 4.21REX CFW in DEX/DEX mode
  • Added support for direct-disc-access for 4.21REX CFW in DEX/DEX mode (data CD/DVD/BD discs)
  • Added support for flashing 256MB NAND *.EID0.NANDBIN backups
  • Users with broken BD drives can use 4.21REX in DEX mode with fake BDEMU stick/image for 100% game compatibility

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re using DEX mode in 4.21REX, use this CEX version of mM (do not install the reguar DEX mM which is only for official dex firmwares).

This package also includes: 

  • Rebug Toolbox 02.00.00
  • c2d + openssl

It is to help users with broken BD-ROM drives (which have a working logic board and married to the PS3). A lot of games have issues when started from /app_home or using “Direct Boot”, that’s why this is the BEST solution for such users. You will have to be on 4.21CFW REBUG (REX) with DEX Target ID flash and DEX LV2 Kernel (full DEX MODE).

Download: multiMAN 04.10.00 | MIRROR

Source: ps3crunch via psx-scene

Tags: multiMAN, multiman cfw 4.21, multiman rebug, ps3 backup manager, ps3 broken blu ray

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